US Senator urges operators to keep data on Capitol invaders | World

US Senator urges operators to keep data on Capitol invaders |  World

A man pictured wearing the chair of the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies during the riots on Capitol Hill was arrested on Friday (9), while a leading Democratic parliamentarian called on mobile operators to preserve related social media content to the Wednesday invasion. fair (6).

Dozens of people have been charged after the attack on Capitol Hill, with the FBI asking the public to help identify the participants, given the proliferation of images of the turmoil on the internet. Five people died, including a Capitol policeman.

This Saturday (9), US Senator Mark Warner, a Democrat who is the next chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, asked mobile operators to keep the content and metadata associated with the invasion, which took place after lawmakers met to certify the victory of President-elect Joe Biden.

Warner, in letters to businesses, stressed that protesters took the trouble to document the event and posted it on social media and in text messages “to celebrate their disregard for our democratic process.”

The photo of Adam Christian Johnson smiling and waving as he took the chair from Mayor Nancy Pelosi has gone viral. Johnson, from Parrish, Fla., Also posted a live video to Facebook of himself as he walked through the halls of the Capitol, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Videos: pro-Trump protesters invade US Congress

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