USA: Biden closed Guantanamo Bay prison, but did not set a deadline

USA: Biden closed Guantanamo Bay prison, but did not set a deadline

According to White House spokeswoman Jen Zhaki, the next step will be a formal “strong” review, which will include government agencies in addition to the defense and justice departments, some of which are not yet appointed by the new president.

“Several actors from various agencies should be part of this political discussion,” Zackie said of the closure of a detention center at a U.S. naval base south of the island of Cuba. In 2003, it reached 680 prisoners suspected of terrorism, including 40 today.

The detention center announced its closure in 2009 by former Democratic President Barack Obama, the target of many controversies, mainly due to the mistreatment of prisoners and the long detention of prisoners.

But with international terrorism and organizations such as Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, especially those who are being transferred to US prisons or other countries, the rule that should be given to prisoners raised internal opposition, a goal that Obama ended up failing to achieve, 197 prisoners were deported during their terms.

His successor Donald Trump accepted a counter-speech, promising to fill the prison with “bad guys,” but in fact the number of prisoners during his tenure dropped from 41 to 40, after a Saudi prisoner was released from a war crimes case.

In his Senate confirmation testimony, the new Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, said that Guantanamo Bay had given the United States “the ability to use military law and order to stop the enemy from the battlefield, but that it was time to” close the detention center. “

A group of 10 detainees in Guantanamo is awaiting trial by a military commission, five of whom have been charged with plotting and supporting the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York, but the process has been slow.

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