USA: Biden withdraws request to repeal Obamacare health law

USA: Biden withdraws request to repeal Obamacare health law

In a letter quoted by Andhra Pradesh, Executive Biden told the Supreme Court that the United States had “failed to comply with the results of a previously submitted report” on the Affordable Health Care Act, known as the “Obama Care”. It is one of the flagships of the administration of former Democratic President Barack Obama.

The Donald Trump administration has argued that the “Obama Care” rule that health insurance must be compulsory violates the Constitution, as recommended by some Republican-majority countries, such as Texas.

In a letter submitted to the Supreme Court today, it said that the Department of Justice should uphold the law and that the provision would not harm the Constitution, meanwhile it was reviewed in 2017 and the removal of the penalties for it was inconsistent with it.

Although the obligation to take out health insurance has been declared illegal, the Department argues that it does not cover the entire legislature – unlike the Trump administration, which argues that this rule is central to the law, and therefore questionable.

Approved in 2010, with Vice President Joe Biden providing health insurance coverage to more than 23 million people outside the “Obama Care” organization.

It also prevented the circumstances of excluding persons who were sometimes denied care – their illnesses – including cancer – from the “pre-existing conditions” of the insurance contract, and the solution was to use personal savings or, if not, to sell or mortgage property, including housing.

Biden has already stated that he wants to strengthen “Obama Care”, including the organization, which has meanwhile lost access to health insurance related to the jobs they lost due to the crisis caused by the Govt-19 epidemic. .

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The “Obama Care” case is the third time the new administration has changed the position of the Donald Trump-led government.

The other two are related to immigration: the need to build a wall between the United States and Mexico with Department of Defense funding and require candidates for refugee status to wait for their inquiries on the Mexican side of the border.

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