USA: Pence tries to lift the pressure to reject Biden’s victory | World

USA: Pence tries to lift the pressure to reject Biden's victory |  World

The United States Department of Justice on Thursday asked a federal judge to dismiss action that presses current Vice President Mike Pence to overturn the results of the election that elected Joe Biden to the White House.

Acting on behalf of Pence himself, the department argued that Republican lawmakers, led by Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert, lacked the power to overturn the 1887 law that governs the procedures of the Electoral College, an institution that formalizes the results of the elections in the United States. .

Pence: On behalf of the MP, the Justice Department asked the judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a group of Republicans – Photo: AP / Mindaugas Kulbis

As the vice president of the country, Pence accumulates the post of president of the Senate and therefore has the function of opening the envelopes and calculating the votes cast by the 50 American states during a ceremony scheduled for next Wednesday (6) – Biden he led 306 of 538 delegates, against 232 for Republican Donald Trump.

In practice, Gohmert’s action calls on justice to disregard rules that have been in place for more than 130 years and says that Pence “can exercise exclusive authority and exclusive discretion in determining which electoral votes to count for one. State given “.

This demand is based on a contrary to the evidence, but backed by Republicans account, that Biden was elected only because of a series of systematic frauds in the American voting model, mostly in the ballots sent by mail.

According to non-partisan election officials and even for some Republicans, however, there is no evidence of irregularities in the election. For this reason, Trump and his campaign racked up more than 50 court defeats in actions that questioned the Democratic opponent’s victory.

Even one of the current president’s most staunch allies, now former Justice Secretary William Barr, ruled a month ago that there was a massive fraud scheme to benefit Biden in the 3 election. November.

Two weeks later, on the same day the Electoral College officially confirmed the Democrat’s victory at the polls, Trump announced the secretary’s resignation after criticizing him for not supporting his cheating account.

Now, the Ministry of Justice, which was led by Barr, called Gohmert’s action a “walking legal contradiction”. The agency questions whether the claim is in fact a “legally recognizable claim” and questions whether Pence has been named as the target of the Republicans lawsuit.

The argument is that if the plaintiffs see problems with the way the election result is counted by the US legislature, they should sue Congress, which approved the original law, and not the vice president, who did not. follows that the rite provided for in legislation.

If the federal judge responsible for the case makes it clear in his ruling that Pence does not have the power to reject the votes or decide the results, Gohmert’s action will have the opposite effect to the intended effect. and that will bury the very unlikely chances of a change in the presidential election results for good.

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