USC beat Arizona by two touchdowns in the final three minutes

USC beat Arizona by two touchdowns in the final three minutes

Drake London The 21-yard touchdown caught up with 1:20 to play the pass, and the 20th USC rallied 28-27 against the state of Arizona from a 13-point deficit early Saturday at the start of the Pac-12’s long-delayed season.

Puru McCoy The Trojans caught (1-0) 2:52 with a diversionary 26-yard touchdown pass and then recovered the onsite kick. On the fourth and 9th, Keaton Slovis London fired a pass from the middle, and both athletes dropped the double coverage and dragged it to the electrification score.

USC’s defense then beat Arizona State (0-1) near midfield, with 50 seconds left, to secure a surprise comeback for permanently trapped coach Clay Heldon’s team.

“Well, it reminds you of 2020, doesn’t it?” Heldon said. “Finding a way to deal with suffering and difficult situations for a year. I’m proud of our football team and we did it.”

The Trojans were fighting until their rally with a game starting at 9am local time. For a national television audience, at least 70 years later, the USC conceded its first football, but it was another embarrassment for Heldon and his Trojans before it suddenly became a resounding success.

USC lifted the offense by 556 yards and outscored the Sun Devils by 164 yards, but the Trojans dropped the ball three times as they did almost four jobs.

“A year ago, we wouldn’t have won this game, but a year older, a year more experience – I see no panic,” Heldon said. “I looked at the balance and the kids and said, ‘Well, we’ll get the next chance, we’ll get the next opportunity, and we’ll extend some big plays.’

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Slovis passed 381 yards to USC Stephen Carr And Marquez Step Scored in the first half. London caught eight passes for 125 yards, nothing bigger than the DD reception he won.

“That play is a play we always run,” Slovis said. “There were three steps and one ball, Drake did the rest for me.”

New to the state of Arizona Demont Triumph Raped 84 yards and two touchdowns Rachat White The Sun Devils had a similarly strong introduction to the 55-yard touchdown reception as he approached a fantastic road victory for coach Herm Edwards and new offensive coordinator Jack Hill.

“The thing I learned about college football is that they can score at any time,” Edwards said. “We had a chance to get on the field twice defensively, we didn’t do it. We gave them their criminal lives and they were able to create plays. I think we’re going to grow out of this, put it behind us and get ready to play next week.

Jayton Daniels Passed 134 yards and ran for another 111 runs, but the Sun Devils’ star quarterback threw four straight imperfections.

New Arizona state co-defense coordinator Marvin Lewis was also on the verge of a strong introduction before the Trojans broke.

“I don’t think we left the gas,” Arizona State Security Evan Fields Said. “We have to do a great job with autism, and that’s what comes down to it. Our focus is on not letting it get tired.”

USC Defense had a good start under new coordinator Todd Orlando, but the Sun Devils showed a knack for big plays like White’s exceptional run on a normal screen pass in the second quarter.

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The U.S.C went 17-14 at half-time over the Sun Devils. The Trojans missed a stumble in the goal line Wow Malebai Then stopped in the depressions near midfield. Slovis then threw a break in the field goal range with the Trojans.

Triumph’s second touchdown run from 17 yards lifted the Sun Devils 24-14 midway through the third quarter.

The defense of the state of Arizona soon had its biggest moment, when the Trojans stopped two running plays from the Sun Devil’s 6 for no profit.

Steph stumbled into fourth place with 6:04 at Arizona State 23, but the Trojans’ offense finally caught a break when McCoy picked up his first career touchdown catch and was diverted straight to him in the final zone of a match pass.


Arizona State: The first 57 minutes do little to ease the pain of the final three. Edwards’ reassignment of his coaching staff seemed even more fruitful, and the Sun Devils controlled the scams until late.

USC: Heldon will let out a big sigh after his players unite at the last possible moment, but the two lines of the USC struggling will be an issue. The revenue and mistakes of the Trojans are obvious, but they do reduce the celebration a bit.


The Trojans won, but they did little to boost confidence in their ability to compete for the Pac-12 title. They will be in the rankings, but will require more successful wins.

“I’m leaving tonight, ‘Hey, we won a good football team and have a chance to grow as our football team,” Heldon said. “I think it could be a better, better football team. I really do.”

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UP Next

Arizona State: If Golden Pierce had no corona virus concerns, he would be the home starter against California next Saturday.

USC: Next Saturday in Arizona.

ESPN’s Kyle Bonacura and the Associated Press contributed to the report.

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