Users will miss the Apple MacBook Pro again

Users will miss the Apple MacBook Pro again

The last major MacBook Pro review brought the dominance of USB-C ports to Apple notebooks. This is because many users are not happy about removing the range of doors they have provided.

Return to the integrated memory card reader MacBook Pro

With the new generation, some of these gaps can be addressed. Apple is preparing to reintroduce the SD card reader in the new generation MacBook Pro, according to a new report released in Bloomberg.

Apple plans to return the SD card slot in the upcoming 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros. It looks like the “fix everything” version – Maxoff comes back and the touch bar goes away.

– Mark Kurman (Markurman) January 22, 2021

The lack of a built-in card reader is especially felt by photographers who use their SD card inserted into their computer to transfer photos from their cameras. These will be some of the major beneficiaries of this revenue.

The author of this report says that this lovely revenue will cover the 14 and 16 inch versions of the upcoming MacBook Pro.This report is also interesting as Apple does not have a 14 inch model in its portfolio.

This may be a sign that Apple is making changes to the design of its entry-level MacBook Pro. Allows you to attach a large panel to a single body, with cuts at the edges of the screen.

The touch bar will disappear from the new MacBook Pro

This is one of the biggest revelations ever considered in a report produced by Mark Kurman. The Touch Bar has never been a consensus among MacBook Pro users, and it looks like in 2021, Apple will remove it from their notebooks.

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Instead, American technology will bring back functional keys as seen on the Air model. For many, the right choice, therefore, guarantees that it will be one of the most acclaimed innovations of the new generation of Apple computers.

It should also be noted that the new MacBook Pro follows in the footsteps of the new iPad and iPhone 12 and still has a rectangular design. Their screens will also enjoy the messages, and will be much brighter.

The news will be part of a generation that is moving away from Intel processors in favor of Apple’s own SoC. The fact that American will be launching its 16-inch MacBook Pro with an M1-based processor is all that matters this year.

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