Uses WhatsApp to spread serious malware

Uses WhatsApp to spread serious malware

A new one Malware Discovered in Share With serious security risks for everyone who uses a smartphone Android. The attacker uses the trust it holds with its contacts to spread the link for malicious use.

ESET researcher Lucas Stefango explains how this works Malware Android works, we can see below in a video: “This malware spreads through the victim’s WhatsApp application, which automatically responds to all WhatsApp notifications with a link to the malicious version of Huawei Mobile.”

By clicking on the link, the user will be redirected to a page Google Play Store. Once installed, the application asks for various permissions, for example, requiring access to notifications, which must be active in the background and can overlay all other applications.

These permissions are used in this way: Allows access to notifications Malware Share the link of the malicious application with all the contacts who send you the message. Boot and Overlay, there are two dangerous permissions in the background that allow access to everything they do in other applications.

WhatsApp is used to spread Android malware

Oh Malware So you can collect your confidential data like passwords and / or bank details. The researcher says the goal of the campaign, for the time being, is to cause adware installation, or to trap victims with false signatures. However, the researcher believes that his stimulus could easily make his attack one of the most dangerous.

An area Malware It is, in fact, based on instructions obtained from the remote server. The bad thing is, there is no real way to protect right now Malware, Never download any apps that are shared through your WhatsApp contacts.

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