Utah hiker stalks a cougar for six minutes, slowly retreating back

Utah hiker stalks a cougar for six minutes, slowly retreating back
Kyle Burgess began recording what he thought was a wildcat, but eventually was stalked for six minutes by a female cougar. To Desert News.
His Video show Burgess walks to the little cats on the Slate Canyon Trail near Provo, and suddenly her mother runs over. Burgess tells her a few choice words, then starts walking in the opposite direction and growls and screams hoping to scare the big cat.

“Go away! I’m big and scared!” Burgess speaks between swear words. “What’s going on? Nice and slow.”

The excited cat follows Burgess for 6 minutes, and Burgess yells and growls at the animal.

“Okay, this is when I (explain) die,” he says. “Come on, friend. I don’t think I’ll die today.”

In the full video, Burgess did not turn his back on the animal while continuing to rush and hiss. Finally he throws a rock at the cougar and she runs away and reassures him.

“Wow, it just woke up,” said Burgess into the camera when he could finally take a break. “It’s actually a bit calmer. Yes, it doesn’t go back that way.”

Burgess told the newspaper that when he returned to the car there were no traces of mom and cubs, and after a terrifying ordeal he was safe.

“My feelings were mixed up,” he said. “So it’s kind of…’K, well, this is going in one of two ways. What’s the result?'”

Utah Department of Wildlife Resources You posted the video on your Facebook page. With warning: “Utah is a cougar country!”

The post provided the following suggestions in case you had such a meeting on your own.

Cougars are a protected species in Utah. They are usually shy.

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