Utah releases 2,244 new COVID-19 cases, 4 deaths Monday, Herbert releases updated health order

Utah releases 2,244 new COVID-19 cases, 4 deaths Monday, Herbert releases updated health order

Salt Lake City – Number of Utah COVID-19 Cases rose to 2,244 on Monday, with four deaths reported Utah Department of Health.

The average number of positive cases per day for seven days is 3,349, according to the Department of Health. The positive test rate per day during that period is now 23.6%.

On Monday, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert made an announcement Updated COVID-19 health order It will come into effect from Tuesday.

Herbert’s “Hard Reset” Emergency health order, Which prohibits collecting with people outside one’s own home, expires on Monday.

However, Herbert announced last week Outline Suggestions, Not commands, in giving thanks. Therefore, there are no orders on how people will gather in their own homes in the updated queue.

The command team, led by Utah Gov. Gary Herbert, Utah Health Department interim director Rich Sanders and state epidemiologist Dr. Angela Dunn and Utah University David Eccles School of Business Dean Taylor Randall, spoke at a news conference Monday morning. See below for a reprint of the event.

New COVID-19 cases

The government now estimates there are 61,519 active COVID-19 cases in Utah. The new numbers represent a 1.3% increase in positive events since Sunday. Of the 1,352,407 people tested for COVID-19 in Utah so far, 13.3% have tested positive for COVID-19. The health department said there was an increase of 7,462 tests as of Monday.

There are currently 545 COVID-19 patients hospitalized in Utah, including 199 in intensive care units, according to state data. About 88% of Utah’s ICU beds are filled, of which about 92% of the state’s referral hospitals are ICU beds, which are the 16 health facilities in Utah that have the potential to provide the best Govt-19 care, state data show.

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About 54% of non-ICU hospital beds are filled in Utah, according to the Department of Health.

Four deaths announced Monday:

  • The Salt Lake County man was over 85 and was hospitalized when he died
  • The Salt Lake County woman, aged 45 to 64, was not hospitalized when she died
  • 65- to 84-year-old Washington County man and long-term caregiver
  • A Washington County person aged 65 to 84 was admitted to hospital when he died

A total of 179,420 confirmed cases were filed in Utah on Monday, with a total of 7,602 hospitalized and 797 total deaths. A total of 117,104 Utah Govt-19 cases will now be recovered, according to the Department of Health.

This story will be updated.


Test results now include data from PCR tests and antigen tests. Positive COVID-19 test results are reported to the health department as soon as they are confirmed, but negative test results are not reported for 24 to 72 hours.

The total number of cases reported by the Utah Department of Health each day since the outbreak in Utah began, including those currently suffering, recovering from illness and death.

Recovered cases are defined as having not been infected with COVID-19 and died three or more weeks earlier.

According to the Department of Health, deaths reported by the state usually occur two to seven days earlier. Some deaths may still be behind, especially if the person is from Utah, but dies in another state.

The Department of Health reports confirmed and possible COVID-19 case deaths within the case limits defined by the State Council and regional epidemiologists. The death toll is subject to change once the trial is over.

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For deaths that are said to be COVID-19 deaths, the Department of Health says the person would not have died without COVID-19.

The data included in this story primarily reflect the state of Utah as a whole. For more localized data, visit your local health district website.

Information from the Utah Department of Health and coronavirus.utah.gov/case-counts. For more information on how the Utah Department of Health compiles and reports COVID-19 data, see coronavirus.utah.gov/case-counts Scroll to the “Data Notes” section at the bottom of the page.

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