Vaccination could save R 33 billion in losses to the economy


Regardless of the guarantee that the world population will be prevented, the vaccination campaign against Govt-19 could prevent the global economy from losing trillions of dollars. In Brazil, this would reduce the loss to R 33 billion, compared to the $ 489 billion recession in the global scenario of no vaccine.

In addition, a successful vaccination campaign will provide a “new lease on life” for the recovery of developing countries. These findings are part of an internal document used by the World Health Organization (WHO).


Last week, the agency’s advisory board met to approve Pfizer vaccines. However, the meeting also served as a platform for discussion on the impact of the vaccine on the world economy.

The WHO discussed the damage to the world economy with a situation without a vaccine. Photo: DioGrandi / iStock

In the U.S. case, the vaccine against Govt-19 could save about $ 738 billion in public treasures. The vaccinator will prevent at least $ 527 billion in leaks from lost labor productivity.

Global impact

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), global economic growth for 2021 is projected at 5.1%. Otherwise, the recovery rate will not exceed 2.1%.

In practice, the vaccine could prevent a $ 3.4 trillion loss to the world economy. Its value is almost double that of Brazil’s GDP – which reached $ 1.8 trillion in 2019.


Developing countries will also be affected by mass immunization delays, with a gap of $ 300 billion by 2021.

Vaccinate everyone

The idea that the vaccine is the only alternative to prevent the death toll in the world and to revive the world economy seems unanimous – with a few exceptions, of course. But it will only work if there is immunity in all parts of the planet.

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Global vaccine
Immunization should be widespread, reaching all parts of the planet. Photo: Imageflow / Shutterstock

The global economy is interconnected, so the risks of pollution, locks and travel disruptions from non-vaccinated countries interfere with the management of the overall economy.

The world economy will lose $ 153 billion a year if the poorest nations are not vaccinated against Covit-19. Emerging economies will also face annual losses, reaching $ 120 trillion.

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