Vaccination stations and schools close in UK due to snowfall and strong wind – 02/08/2021

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London, February 8 (EFE) .- Several vaccination posts and schools were closed on Monday in the UK, due to a heavy snowstorm and intense gale that hit most of the country, which also caused disruptions on highways and transport services.

London and the south-east of England, one of the hardest hit regions, as well as the city of Sheffield, in the north of England, and the county of Lincolnshire, in the east of the country, are on orange alert , the second highest on a scale of three (red is first and yellow is third and last).

This level indicates that blockages on land routes, cuts in energy supply and declining mobile phone coverage, among other problems, are likely.

Much of the UK is on yellow alert, implying that while precautions need to be taken, the impact of the weather on daily activity is expected to be less.

The effects of the storm named Darcy prevented the opening of several vaccination stations against the new coronavirus today, as in the English towns of Clacton and Colchester, in the south-east; Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds in the east, areas where schools are also closed.

Particularly in east and central England, police warned that there were several roads with interrupted flow. In addition, rail service is also affected, with interruptions and cancellations.

In Walberswick, in eastern England, a man who kitesurfed was found dead on the beach on Sunday, local police said.

The United Kingdom’s Meteorological Office (Met) has reported that 15-30cm snowfall is expected in the worst affected areas. On the other hand, the agency stresses that there is no expectation of storms, like the one that paralyzed the Netherlands on Sunday. EFE

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