Valor gets the new game mode


The popular first-person shooter “Valorrant” of riot games gets a new game mode, which promises to diversify the gaming experience.

Often referred to as a response to “counter-strike: global offensive”, “valor” confirms its name in the world Sports.

Now, with less competition, a new game system has been announced, with the aim of getting a little more into the use of “heroic” players. Among the existing methods Not opened, Ranking, Death game e Spike Rush, This is a method Expansion Join the list. In this game mode, all participants start with deadly weapons, and as the number of deaths increases, the mortality of available weapons decreases increasingly. It will become the best role model of the new way Expansion, And the remaining variables continue as they are known. Matches in this new mode will be between two teams of five players, and the maximum time for a match in this mode will not exceed 10 minutes.

Estimation expansion
© Riot Game

Kyle Leach, an engineer and designer at Riot Games, said:

While making the escalation better, we wanted to create a fast and sober Team Deathmatch with plenty of running time, and it was fun to play socially with friends. We hope to give players the opportunity to train weapons throughout the artillery of the game and experience some skills in new ways, while establishing a common goal that benefits from integration, but does not require one of the teams to succeed. .

Expansion It will be available to the entire community who want to try it out from February 18th.

If you & # 39; re still excited to see the new trailer for “Valent” when referring to Escalation, you can do so below:

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Trailer | New “valuable” game mode

What do you think about the expansion? Can you stand alone in all the methods that already exist?

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