Vanessa Gerbelli will be Bruna Marquezine’s mother again

Vanessa Gerbelli will be Bruna Marquezine's mother again

The actresses Vanessa Gerbelli e Bruna Marquezine they will be mother and daughter again, but the rehearsal will occur away from television. After the partnership in ‘Women in Love’, they will star in the Brazilian series Maldives, from Netflix, according to columnist Patrícia Kogut, from the newspaper O Globo.

New Netflix series with Bruna Marquezine

After leaving Globo, Marquezine will play Liz on the Netflix series. Its story is that of a girl from Goiás who moves to Rio de Janeiro and goes in search of her mother, that’s when Vanessa Gerbelli is supposed to enter the scene.

In addition to Marquezine, other well-known names will be in the cast, such as: Manu Gavassi, Guilherme Winter, Klebber Toledo, Samuel Melo, Romani, Carol Castro and Sheron Menezzes.


Recordings for the series have already started and the premiere is expected to take place later this year.

Learn more about the ‘Maldives’ series

In the series featuring Marquezine, she lives in a luxury condominium in Barra da Tijuca called Maldives, hence the name of the series. She will get involved with specific people to escape the investigator Denilson, played by actor Enzo Romani. In fact, he, who was in “Amor de Mãe”, will be Bruna’s romantic couple in the series.

Manu Gavassi, meanwhile, will play Milene, a plastic surgeon married to Victor Hugo, played by Klebber Toledo. In the story, the couple have a perfect life, but appearances can be deceptive.

In the plot, Carol Castro will bring Kat to life, who lives with her husband under house arrest. While Sheron Menezzes will be a focused ex-singer turned businesswoman and married to Cauã, interpreted by Samuel Melo.

Marquezine in ‘Women in Love’

The soap opera Mulheres Apaixonadas was Bruna Marquezine’s debut in the soap operas. Almost 18 years ago the famous Salete lived at the age of 8.

As the mother of little Salete in the plot, Vanessa spoke about the actress. “Bruna was a phenomenon of spontaneity, kindness and efficiency at 7 years old. Impossible not to fall in love … She has grown up and continues to be just as attractive, sensitive and talented. It’s beautiful to watch her grow up, ”the actress told Gshow.

(Photo: TV Globo / Reproduction)

Vanessa also pointed out that the work was a turning point in her career. “It was a very special job in my career. I learned a lot from great artists there and I also matured as a woman, as a professional. It will be great to see! Manoel Carlos is a spectacular author, who writes with subjectivity and offers freedom for the actor, which makes the work organic and everything stays true, ”she added.

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