Vatican asks Instagram to ‘Like’ Pope’s underwear model

The Vatican After the official account of, requests explanation from Instagram Pope Francis Liked the photo of the Brazilian model with underwear.

Photo of the model Natalia Cariboto, Wearing school student style underwear, liked by Francis’s verified account, Francis.

It is not clear when the photo showing Cariboto’s bravely dressed body was liked, but contact was made on November 13 before being caught the next day.

Now, the Vatican has said it is trying to reach the bottom of the incident.

“We are in touch with Instagram to find out what happened,” said Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni.

Facebook, the owner of Instagram, said the issue is currently being investigated in close contact with Holy See.

7.4 million people follow the Pope on his official Instagram account, but the account does not follow anyone. There is no evidence that the Pope liked the film himself.

Caripoto’s management company, COY Co, posted the incident on its own Instagram account. Writing: “Koi Ko. Has received the official pleasure of the Pope.”

Cariboto also responded to the incident, Writing On Twitter on November 13: “At least I’m going to heaven.”

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