Vergast: Two more iPhones, Apple’s ‘One More Thing’ event

Vergast: Two more iPhones, Apple's 'One More Thing' event

We started this week with some reviews of the alternative size iPhone 12s – Mini And this Pro Max. We ended this week with a new episode The Vergast. All things in between? That is ours Vercast The group spoke on the show today.

Vercast Co-hosts Nile Patel and Titer Phone are starting to discuss reviews of the new iPhones – the Nile on the Pro Max and Dieter on the Mine – and the really big iPhone and smallest iPhone rankings in terms of battery life, screen size and ergonomics.

Believe it or not, there was another Apple event on Tuesday. During that “One More Thing” Hardware EventWe saw Apple unveiling a new power chips, the M1 processor itself MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, And Mac Mini. Co-editor Dan Seifert and news editor Sim Gordonberg join the show to discuss these new computers, their processors and how powerful they are.

There’s a little more in between everything – like People are entering the Xbox Consoles, Google Updated photo storage plan, And the reason why a bunch On the edgeS Max did not work Even before this show.

Listen in full here or on your favorite podcast player Vercast Discussion.

Stories from this week:

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