Verizon’s Galaxy S20 models first get Android 11 and One UI 3.0

Verizon's Galaxy S20 models first get Android 11 and One UI 3.0

Verizon Revealed this morning Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series will be the first Samsung phones in the United States to receive Android 11 and Samsung’s One UI 3.0, and now the software has already begun to deceive customers. According to Droid life. Has a UI 3.0 In the public beta For the past two months, however, this marks the official release of the final software.

A UI 3.0 includes Android 11’s news, announcements, and security features, as well as some add-ons specific to a UI. Access Samsung widgets, take screen shots, double tap the screen to put your phone to sleep, and specify a few, but if you want a complete list of all the One UI 3.0 changes you can check out Roundup on Android Police.

Example of new lock screen and notification shadow in One UI 3.0.
Image: Samsung

Outside the United States, the international release of One UI 3.0 is also revolving. Android Police Says Samsung has sent out the full schedule of release dates For users in Egypt, the primary S20 line gets Android 11 and One UI 3.0. According to the schedule, the next phones to receive the update will be the Note 20, Z Fold, Note 10 and S10 phones in January 2021. The update will take a while to hit every Samsung phone you support. Galaxy A10, A20 or A30S, do not expect to see this before August.

When we reviewed Android 11 in September, we appreciated the extra features Managing the Problem of Modern Android Phones, But noted the possibility of being fragmented as Google and Samsung take over Android again starting to differ. Samsung is known for taking a long time to release updates, like it took five months to send the Android Pi. But it has changed over the years because it is better at managing its timeline. Last year’s Android 10 update It took three months to attack the first phones, We see that too with Android 11 this year.

Problems such as being fragmented are important as Samsung is the largest smartphone seller worldwide, and the largest manufacturer of Android phones in the United States. That is, the widespread acceptance of new features often depends on the company choosing to include them in newer versions of a UI. From our initial preview, it looks like the most important bits of Android 11 turned it into a UI 3.0; But when it comes to Google Other Android programs, Samsung may not get much profit.

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