Vice Chairman Harivansh Singh sets the record straight for Rajya Sabha’s breach of the rules.


Eight opposition members were suspended by President Raja Sabah in a turmoil.

New Delhi:

While voting on Rajya Sabha’s farm bill on September 20, the assertion and event version of the government’s rule differs significantly from the television footage of the procedure approached by NDTV. Voice voting has been very controversial. The opposition party insisted that the government lacked numbers, which would have been evident when a physical vote took place. They also accused Vice Chairman Harivansh Singh, who was presiding over the proceedings, of collusion with the government.

Singh and the government argued that opposition demand for physical voting was nullified because lawmakers were not in their place while making the demand.

Video reviewed by NDTV shows that at least two of the three Houses of Representatives (KK Ragesh and Trichy Siva) had sent controversial bills to some committees when they demanded a split vote.

Also, at the request of Parliamentary Secretary Pralhad Joshi, the rules were violated while extending the meeting time. The meeting can be extended only after agreement between the government and the opposition party.

However, in this case, Rajya Sabha video clearly stated that the leader of the opposition party Ghulam Nabi Azad at around 1:3 pm “The opposition party is saying that the minister can answer that the time should not be extended today and tomorrow.”

For the past 20 years, Congressman DMK MP Trichy Siva told NDTV that “the house usually expands through an agreement of the house.”

But Xin said, “Just staring at the Treasury bench… even though members of the 12 opposition parties have requested postponement. This is clearly a violation of Rajya Sabha Rule 37.”

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Attorney General Ravi Shankar Prasad said the Secretary of State’s request for an extension of the House until the bill is passed is “normal practice,” and said, “The Senate of the House is not gathered by the majority and minority.”

Rule 252 (4) (a) of the State Legislature on Business Procedures and Conduct states: “If the chairman’s opinion on the question decision is objected and does not adopt the process provided in the sub-rules (3) he shall be ordered to hold a “department”.”

A video of Rajya Sabha was also shown at 1:10pm, when the vice-chairman asked for Trichy Siva’s bill to be sent to the selection committee, he sat down and demanded a split vote. However, consent was denied through voice voting.

When Kerala’s CPM member KK Ray Gesh’s amendment was adopted the next day at 1:11 PM, he also sat down in his seat asking for a split vote and showed a video. However, once again the consent was invalidated by voice voting.

In an interview with NDTV, Laguesh said that the allegations that members were not seated while the government demanded division was “an explicit lie.”

In accusing Rajya Sabha of vice chairman Harivansh Singh of collusion with the government, the opposition party passed a no-confidence agreement against him and was denied by Senator Venkaiah Naidu.

In today’s statement, the vice-chairman denied the opposition allegations and filed a “incident report” detailing what happened in the house, minute by minute, and enclosed a video footage of the relevant part with the agreement of KK Ragesh of CPM and Tiruchy Siva of DMK.

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“The court resolution denying the ordinance of reference to the bill electing a committee moved by Sri KK Ragesh was denied by an audio vote of the house at 1:7 PM because Sri Ragesh was in the well of the house, not his seat. Video “I saw the gallery by calling me to move his resolutions and amendments, but I don’t think he was there.”

Regarding Tiruchy Siva’s consent to send the bill to the selection committee, adopted at 1:10 PM when Tiruchy Siva sat in his place and asked for a split vote, Singh read, citing confusion at the time: Two things are essential in order to have a division according to rules and practices. First, it is equally important that there must be a demand for division, and that there must be order in the house. “

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