View NZXT tennis design in RTX 3080 style

View NZXT tennis design in RTX 3080 style

At the foot of the shoe is a video card and images can be recreated

A Artifact Studios (RTFKT) Showed off his sneakers with a mini Video card Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080. He is called Sneakers Master Race. The company does not fully explain the functionality of the product, but it is a collaboration with the manufacturer NZXT. Companies claim to innovate the sport and the fashion community.

RTFKT is a company well known for compact sneakers. Virtual and physical, there are many models exploring different themes. This new model was developed in collaboration with hardware developer NZXT. He wants to combine shoe design with the key features of PC Gamer.

A The RTX 3080 fan actually spins Also, you can see some pictures running inside the shoe. This does not seem to be a convenient option for a walk. The company did not elaborate on whether it was created with actual use in mind, or an idea to leave it on the shelf. Or, even if it is commercialized.

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The company said via Twitter “We are pleased to announce an alliance with NZXT, empowering RTFKT and the community of our creators to create the future of fashion and collections, reinforcing our vision, community and crazy ideas with their incredible structures and love of sport.” NZXT spoke in response “How many SPFs can my feet reach?”

This is not the first shoe the NZXT has launched. The company announced an option with LEDs. This is much simpler than what was shown in partnership with RDFKD.

Companies promise to come up with something new with sneakers. Despite this information, they did not say exactly what their features were (except for the rotating fan). This is a piece created specifically for fans of games and hardware. Despite this, nothing was mentioned about availability, at least not at the time of this release.

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Tennis is definitely extraordinary. Companies have yet to offer any opportunity regarding potential pricing and sales channels. So far, this is only a prototype developed by partner companies.

Via: PC Gamer

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