Vila Nova has to pay $ 330,000 to a player who does not even come to Brazil

Vila Nova has to pay $ 330,000 to a player who does not even come to Brazil

Vila Nova was ordered by a labor court to pay $ 330,000.00 (three hundred and three thousand ounces) to then-Uruguayan defender Walter Ibazes. Negotiations took place in 2017, when a pre-contract was signed, but the player did not even come to Goenia. Since the pre-contract was not canceled, the athletic court went and won the specified amount.

The report of the Socrates Communication System contacted Dr. Mourilho Dixiera, the legal director of Vila Nova, to explain what had happened.

“In 2017, this athlete signed a pre-contract with Vila Nova, who did not even come to Brazil. I do not know the reasons, we were not in Vila Nova at the time, but what we learned was that there was no prior breach of contract. The pre-contract was active and the club ended up not fulfilling anything prior to the contract, after which the player joined the Labor Court seeking certain rights, in fact, he won first and second titles in 2018. We have yet to file an appeal with the DST, but as it is popularly said, Inus is dead, and we were surprised by this decision to block 30% of transfers from our supporters, so we will comply with this obligation to the Labor Court, in connection with this debt with that athlete ”.

In the same answer, Dr. Mourilho explained that he was able to reduce the percentage of debt repayments.

“I would like to immediately highlight the possibility of filing a Mandamus Writ in the Labor Court. I do not agree with this decision and do not re-interpret it to the classic judges. We were initially successful and were able to reduce this link to 10%, which is not what we wanted, but that is what we have for now. We tried to reach an agreement with the athletic lawyer and failed. We are with this request in the absence of Vila Nova, but this 20% reduction is a success I present, through the writing of this mandamus ”, highlighted by Dr. Mourilho Dixiera.

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Regarding the existence of such cases in Vila Nova, Dr. Mourilho Dixira confirmed that this is an isolated case at the club.

“This is an isolated case, at least we do not know. In interviews with Socrates, I show that we oppose this process. I have good news to share with you. But we do not know of a similar case in Brazil and Vila Nova, it seems to me that it is the same thing,” he said. Maurilho said.

With regard to the good news mentioned by Legal Director Dr. Mourilho Dixira, these are the savings achieved by the Department in relation to past and present negotiation activities. First, Vila Nova was able to reduce one share to R $ 134,000.00 (one lakh thirty four thousand rice), while in another active, value saving could reach half a million rice.

To find out these things and other details discussed with Dr. Mourilho Dixira, the legal director of Vila Nova, follow the interview in full.

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