Violent protests in Kyrgyzstan over election results due to buying votes

Violent protests in Kyrgyzstan over election results due to buying votes

Kyrgyzstan Bishkek — On Monday, protesters clashed with police in a protest against the results of parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan capital Bishkek, with dozens reported injured.

Regional reports said at least Another 590 people were injured. One news outlet reported at least one death.

Early results of the election gave multiple votes to the two parties that were associated with the state’s ruling elite due to charges of buying votes.

The opposition politician who later declared himself acting as the prosecutor general of Kyrgyz The election results are invalidated According to local news media. Reportedly, 12 political parties said they had signed documents requiring authorities to cancel the election results and hold new results.

“We all witnessed real lawlessness during the campaign and election day yesterday,” said Klara Sooronkulova, leader of the reform opposition. “Pressure on voters, threats to voters, bribes.”

The European Security Cooperation Organization’s election monitoring body said in a report Monday that “basic rights and freedoms were generally respected” in this year’s Kyrgyzstan elections, but “the believable claim to buy the voting rights remains a serious concern.” ”

Local media estimates that about 4,000 people participated in the rally in Bishkek and that small protests took place in two other Kyrgyz cities.

A video of the protests in Bishkek showed a group of young people trying to break through the door of a government complex that houses the National Assembly and the presidential office.

Police moved in the evening to disperse the crowd using water cannons, tear gas, and flash bullets.

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Local news websites Akipress and reported that protesters had succeeded in breaking into government and state security headquarters early on Tuesday, according to Reuters. According to local reports, the protesters released former President Almaz Beck Atambayev and several other former senior officials.

According to the preliminary results of the Sunday elections reported on Monday evening, only five of the 16 political parties included in the ballot took seats in the Kyrgyz parliament.

Virim Dikdang, considered the pro-government, won more than 26% of the votes. Meke-nim Kyrgyzstan political parties linked to former customs officials won more than 24% victory. Three other parties passed the 7% criterion to secure a parliamentary seat.

According to news reports, Bishkek’s anxiety continued until night. Late on Monday, the winning Virim Dick said it was ready to take part in the new elections, and urged other parties that won the seats to do the same if scheduled.

Kyrgyzstan’s President Sooronbai Jeenbekov convened a meeting Tuesday morning with the leaders of all 16 political parties.

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