Virus Trains: Locking Confusion Govt-19 spreads across India

Virus Trains: Locking Confusion Govt-19 spreads across India

Railway officials insist that trains are the safest way to take migrant workers home.

“India has done extraordinarily well in managing the spread of the disease compared to some of the more advanced countries in the world,” Railway Ministry spokesman DJ Narine said.

In total, the government organized 4,621 shramik specials More than 6 million people. As they left the cities of India, which were becoming hot spots, many of those who returned carried the virus with them, but they kept coming. Surat, the industrial hub, saw more than half a million workers boarding trains.

Ticket collector Ram Singasan said: “It felt like a doomsday. “When you saw how many people gathered outside, it was like the end of the world was coming.”

On March 24 at 8 p.m. Modi hit the lock down switch. At a TV address, Beginning in four weeks, he ordered the whole country to be within their homes for three weeks.

The result was pure Modi: sudden, dramatic and determined, as if he had been suddenly wiped out Nearly 90 per cent of India’s currency bills in 2016, He said it was necessary to fight corruption, but caused economic catastrophe.

Prafulla and Ravindra Behera finished the rice, lentils and potato dinner. They slept wall-to-wall with half a dozen workers in empty, vacant rooms in the industrial zone of Surat. Within minutes of Mr Modi’s address, calls began to come to them.

“Everyone was thinking the same thing: it will be over soon and somehow we will pass the days,” Ravindra said.

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