Vivo announces radically redesigned Originos Android skin

Vivo announces radically redesigned Originos Android skin

Vivo has announced its new Android based operating system at its annual developer conference in China. Originos has a complete design modification that prioritizes the successor and widgets of the fundus, arranging them in a grid-like layout. Widgets can update themselves with so-called “nano alerts”.

“Originos centers around three frontiers based on smartphone consumer demands: design, sleekness and convenience,” Vivo says in a statement. “Originos recreates familiar features with new awesome designs to create the ultimate smartphone experience.”

In All skin versions of Android, Vivo’s FunduChos has long been one of the most obvious for iOS, with a similar announcement design, use of color palettes and transparency. The original tile-based approach to widgets is not a million miles away Apple introduced iOS 14 this year, Although it is not a very unique design. For its part, Vivo says it was inspired by Hurang Tao, the Chinese variant of Klotsky sliding block puzzles.

Vivo also says that with low RAM requirements, Originos will be much less resource-intensive than FunduChos. We’ll have to test it ourselves as soon as it rolls, but there’s little information about it – Vivo says nothing about the release date. However, the company showed that it was making fun of its running OS Current X50 primary phone (Above).

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