Vladimir Putin defends “normalization” of relations with the United States – News

Vladimir Putin defends "normalization" of relations with the United States - News

According to a statement from the Kremlin, the Russian president said in his first telephone conversation with his American rival, Joe Biden, that the “normalization” of bilateral relations is in the best interests of both countries, but that “the whole community (both states) have been given a special responsibility to maintain security and stability in the world, internationally and internationally”.

Today the two countries exchanged documents aimed at expanding the Novo Start Agreement, the only agreement currently in place between the two countries to control nuclear weapons.

The Kremlin states that the agreement, which expires on February 5, “will be completed by both parties to ensure continued operation.”

In a call from Putin last week, Biden argued that the two countries should complete a five-year extension of the new start, two US administration sources told Andrei.

The new start-up was signed in 2010 between former US President Barack Obama and former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, restricting each country’s weapons to 1,550 nuclear weapons and 700 ballistic missiles and bombs, and tight control measures for check compliance.

In the call, Biden moved away from the more accommodating position of his predecessor Donald Trump toward Russia and sought to increase pressure on Putin, but also sought to secure a place for diplomacy between the two countries.

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