VLC 4.0: The newest version of the best multimedia player is here!

When I saw this message, I immediately remembered that time really passes. In fact, VLC is a reader Multimedia I will always remember. This has always been my favorite, mainly due to one characteristic. For the ability to read everything that others cannot read. Yes, because sometimes getting codecs was a problem. Anyway, the world does not stop, now the new version of VLC 4.0 is coming.

VLC 4.0: The newest version of the best multimedia player is here!

The Software Multimedia has matured with billions of downloads, but has not lost momentum. In fact, it is better than ever and has been improved with many features. The new version will bring many more, but focuses on one of the most important, namely the interface.

Now that development is almost over, we need to keep the new version stable in the coming months. The interface in VLC 4.0 has been completely redesigned. In addition, it receives a lot of interesting news. One of the highlights goes to MoviePedia. It is a kind of amalgamation between IMDP and Wikipedia.

However, there are very important messages. The new version does not focus only on local breeding. Thus, you will also focus on reading videos from the internet. As long as there are functions to detect third party content it is not enough.

VLC version 4.0

As if all this were not enough, we have another interesting detail. The development team of this fantastic app is creating the summer of VLC running on the browser.

Of course, having spectacular use is useless if it is not safe. Therefore, this will be a key point in the development of version 4.

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VLC version 4.0

If VLC was already good, I have no doubt that VLC 4.0 version will win even more users. After all, nowadays we all need a good multimedia player.

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