VLC turns 20 and promises great news very soon

VLC multimédia novidades melhorias ficheiros

VLC is one of the most popular multimedia players on the Internet. It is one of the almost mandatory applications on any device and gives users the unique ability to read any video or music file.

This app is now celebrating its 20th year, so promising a lot of news soon. VLC version 4.0 is expected to arrive in the coming months, along with upgrades and new features.

The most popular media player on the Internet

With an estimated 3.5 billion downloads already, VLC is one of the most used apps on the Internet. This multimedia player opens doors of any design for users so they can view the contents relaxed and securely.

VLC is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and has some surprises for users. Version 4.0 is expected to arrive in the coming months and will be packed with improvements. Responsible for this use It has now been revealed Some of them can be expected.

VLC Multimedia News Development Files

VLC4 will receive many news and improvements

First, VLC wants to provide the user with a list of content that can be viewed on the Internet. Rather than being responsible for providing this content, they provide the freedom to create extensions dedicated to this purpose.

Coming to VLC internet is another novelty. This may seem strange, but there is a version of this media player that can be used directly from the browser. This improvement relieves the need for a system that can use the tool.

VLC Multimedia News Development Files

Than the known file reader

The VLC team wants to go further. The MoviePedia project is being developed locally and is being prepared as an alternative to IMDP. It works on a model similar to Wikipedia, and anyone can update or improve current information.

Of course, there is a basic promise that it will come with this new version. VLC4 will have changes to the interface and will also focus on user security. They like to run the app in a sandbox so there will be no attack arising from it.

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