‘Walheim’ breaks new record and reaches 3 million sales

‘Walheim’ breaks new record and reaches 3 million sales

Released three weeks ago on Steam Early Access, ‘Walheim’ is already one of the site’s biggest hits. Iron Gate’s survival game is the third most played, with over 500,000 simultaneous players online.

With that, ‘Walheim’ broke Terreria’s historic record of uniting 489 thousand players simultaneously. In general, this game lags behind industrial heavyweights: ‘PUBG’, ‘Counter-Strike: Global Attack’, ‘Tota 2’ and ‘Cyberbank 2077’.


The success of the game is reflected in the stream. ‘Wolheim’ is currently the seventh most watched game on Twitch than ‘CS: GO’, ‘Tota 2’, ‘Minecraft’ and ‘Rust’. There have been more than 20 million hour games since its launch, and on the 17th it peaked at 147 spectators simultaneously.

Iron Gate Studio already promises new biomes, enemies and combat upgrades – a great way to keep exaggeration alive. The history of ‘Walheim’ is surprising, especially considering that it was created by a team of five people from a small Swedish developer.

Sweden-based Coffee Stein adopted the idea in 2019 and joined as a publisher. Prior to opening a division for third-party distribution, the company had already released games such as “Goat Simulator” and “Satisfactory”.

“This level of success is unknown to the coffee stain. Fortunately, our team that was part of the rise of Minecraft includes Daniel Kapil and the truly notable developers at Iron Gate. We are delighted to be together on this journey,” said Coffee Stein CEO Albert Saffstrom.


“Wolheim” features ten players in a scene inspired by Viking mythology, with the aim of escaping Ascart. To that end, the characters must explore the Nordic refinery in collaboration, gathering resources, building and fighting. The game is available for PC and Linux for R $ 37.99.

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