Walheim is coming to early access to steam in the PT-BR today


Walheim is coming on steam today

Coffee Stain Release e Iron Gate Studio Glad to announce it Walheim , Their new co-op game and survival in the open world, is now available in Steam Early Access, translated into Brazilian and Portuguese.

Whether alone or with the help of a team with its trusted allies, everyone Viking In search of the challenge of true mythological proportions, they can enter the first primitive refinery today.


Walheim This is a large, practically created world where soldiers killed in battle are invited to explore peaceful lands and oceans, only to discover that they are being invaded by the most powerful creatures born of Norse mythology. The Sports Cooperative Walheim It currently allows 10 players, but is best used with 3 to 5 players. An important focus of the early access period was to further establish the exact number of Viking settlers.

Walheim Menu PT BR

Beta phase of trials Walheim This happened during the old Nordic celebration Disaplate or “Sacrifice for Sacrifice”. Later, ceremonial sacrifices and powerful feasts were held in honor of goddesses and spirits such as Valkyries, in the hope that it would guarantee a bountiful harvest. In the same spirit of celebration, all the Vikings who signed up to sacrifice their lives during the beta test period will soon be rewarded with Iron Gate Studios with exclusive items including Odin’s Cape, Hood and Horn.


“During the time we were in the beta, we already began to build an incredible community, and players are excited to provide valuable feedback and reveal some of the most incredible things they have discovered and built while exploring the world of Walheim,” said CEO Richard Svensson. Iron Gate Studio. “Now, the gates of Walheim are finally open, and we are very happy to share it with the world, and we continue to develop Walheim as an experience that Odin can be proud of.”

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Walheim It was a unique experience. Building your home and settling down with friends is convenient and satisfying, and it’s completely different from the huge unnamed world full of monsters lurking outside, ”said Albert Saffrom, CEO of Coffee Stein Publishing.

“We look forward to hearing what players have to say about Wallheim and we’re excited to see what comes into the game at its initial access point.”

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