Walheim surpassed the 1 million units sold in the initial access to steam in 8 days



Coffee Stain Release e Iron Gate Studio Their new game, Walheim , Topped Steam’s list of global top sellers, surpassing one million units sold.

Cooperative Viking launched the study and survival game Early access to steam In addition to February 2 and its business success, Wolheim has won over 11,000 user reviews as “very positive”.

Yesterday, February 9, Walheim Became the fourth most played game on Steam, registering over 160,000 top users simultaneously Grand Theft Auto Vs., Apex Legends e Rocket League, According to the site. With player reviews and compliments, Walheim It is also popular with the world’s largest content creators with over 127,000 viewers on the night of February 8th at Twitch.

Created by Iron Gate Studio, A new Swedish developer, Walheim CEO Richard Svensson launched the One Man Fashion project in 2018, and the group expanded to five in 2020. Coffee Stein, based in Scotland, went public in 2018. Wolheim is one of many global success stories from the small town of Scotte with a population of over 50,000, including Coffee Stein’s ridiculous success, goat simulator and survival game. Raft Gives Red Beat Interactive e Axlot game.

Walheim Coffee Stain marks another success of the publication. Since its release in 2017, the team has worked on a number of selected titles, including the acclaimed arcade shooter Huntdown, coming soon to Steam, and the Deep Rock Galactic, which sold more than two million units earlier this year.

The Midnight Ghost Hunt, which is currently in development, went viral in 2018 with the scary 4V4 hunting title and will have an alpha version on American Valentine’s Day (2/14), which players can now record. Psychic Factory Building Game, created and released by Coffee Stein, which is currently in early access, is satisfactory and will soon release its 4th update.

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Although Walheim has been exceptionally successful so far, this is only a beginning, and Iron Gate Studio has already released an initial access map, promising new biomes, new enemies, war upgrades, ships and more.

Richard Svensson, CEO of Iron Gate Studios, commented on the reasons behind Wolheim’s success: Could not see their homes and their friends and family. We hope it’s good for us to be attacked together by a giant, ”said Richard Svensson, CEO of Iron Gate Studios. “We are grateful to the incredible Creator who allowed us to follow our vision, and we understand that you can not accelerate creativity.”

“When we signed Wolheim and the Iron Gate, it was Richard at the time and we knew the game was incredible, but it surpassed our expectations at every step. Come in talented, but have plenty of space to support each other, ”said Sebastian Patilock, executive producer of Coffee Stein Publishing. This is just the beginning. “

Walheim Steam initial access for PC (Windows and Linux) is now available for 37.99 PRL / 19.99 Euro, check it out!

On Galaxy Nert, our preview of the game is coming soon

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