Wallpaper and stickers for Christmas time

Wallpaper and stickers for Christmas time

Berlin. Always the same background! Those who have always been annoyed at WhatsApp can now choose the background individually. So something different in every chat. And new: Searching and finding stickers should be much easier now.

In addition to the decorative considerations, the Facebook subsidiary also points out the practical reason for the different virtual wallpapers: easy to distinguish at first glance. If in doubt, incorrect chat may prevent users from accidentally sending a message.

Around the world with wall papers

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At the same time, WhatsApp expands the set of available backgrounds, for example, the large selection of colors for doodle wallpapers such as landscapes, motifs from around the world or hidden object.

Dark mode for wallpapers is also new. In each chat, you can set a background in normal and dark mode. The background changes automatically when you change the smartphone mode.

Find the stickers and find the stickers

There are also stickers like emojis or animated gifs and comics to make personal messages more meaningful, entertaining or simply decorative. WhatsApp has now improved the search functionality for the latter.

Users can search for stickers with keywords or emojis or by frequently used stickers in categories. Alternatively, developers can find new stickers by marking their new creations and marking them with emojis.

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