WandaVision’s new episode replaces pieces and explains Wanda’s ‘reality’ செய்திகள் TV News

WandaVision's new episode replaces pieces and explains Wanda's 'reality' செய்திகள் TV News

Available on Disney this Friday (29), the fourth episode of Wandavision puts a foot on the break and transforms its characters into the universe of the series, actually beginning to explain what is happening in this new reality of Wanda / Scarlett. Witch (Elizabeth Olson) and Vision (Paul Bettani).

[Cuidado: spoilers do quarto episódio de WandaVision abaixo]

Entitled Interruption of the Project, the fourth chapter of the WandaVision conspiracy “forgets” the Avengers and shows the vision of Geraldine (Diona Paris), a friend who was expelled from his world by Wanda for quoting the piano (Aaron) in the previous episode. Taylor-Johnson) and Ultron (James Spader).

With a story centered on the character’s journey, we discover that Geraldine is actually Monica Rambo, ESPADA’s agent (SWORD, original), a sister company of Shields operating against terrorism and special threats.

Avengers: Monica is one of the victims in the photo of Thanos (Josh Brolin) in Infinity War (2018) and returns after the villain’s defeat in Ultimate (2019). Like the others, the agent returns to the same place where she disappeared. In this case, the hospital room where he cared for his mother, Maria Rambo, who was being treated for cancer.

Although Diona Paris is a new face in the Marvel Universe, her character has already been featured in another film. Young Akira Akbar played Monica in the 1990s film Captain Marvel (2019), now showing the Espada agent in her teenage version.

Playback / Disney +

Diona Paris and Monica Rambo

After being in the current world (at MCU, five years have passed between the Thanos event and the arrival of the missing), Monica returns to work at the agency, soon embarking on a mission to investigate the mysterious events that took place in the small town of Westview – the place where Wanda and Viso built their family. At this point, the series reveals three weeks earlier in the timeline after the Ultimatum events.

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Once there, he meets FBI agent Jimmy Woo (featured in Randall Park, Ant-Man and Wasp) and explains that something is wrong with the place and the people who have to live in the city. The conversation is short-lived because, during the trial, Monica is sucked into the bubble that protects reality created by Wanda.

The disappearance of Agent Rambo prompts the movement of several security forces in the United States to understand what is going on. To help with this task, they hire another character previously featured on MCU: Darcy Lewis (Kate Tennings), Jane Foster’s funny assistant (Natalie Portman) in Thor’s first two films.

It is the responsibility of a more experienced young woman to discover that Wanda is behind this bubble with a reality of copying sitcoms from the 1950s and 1960s and expanding her life with Vision using the innocent citizens of the Westview.

Playback / Disney +

Darcy Lewis and Jimmy Woo are back

Useless, but not so much

To some fans, it may seem that we are stopping this project and making little progress in the storyline of the popular fill-in episode – Vandavision. However, it is interesting to see the other side of the characters that are part of the series and the respective characters in the future of MCU.

Vandavision’s story is rarely gone, but it’s more complete, and for the next few episodes it gives little trace of what fans can expect, namely Agnes’ real identity (Katherine Hahn) – the only Westview citizen without an FBI explanation.

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The fourth episode revealed what was going on with Vision. Shortly after Geraldine is driven out of his reality, Wanda finds his girlfriend and looks at him as if he were the last to appear in the real world: gray, lifeless and “broken” on the forehead, as a result of his encounter with Thanos.

It is very soon to fully understand what is going on with Wanda and what are the reasons (and means) for bringing her into this new reality. Since it is a series of the Marvel Universe, the answers will be chewed up in the next chapters.

Watch the trailer below with footage of the next episodes of Vandavision:

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