Warming up at Biden’s hearing, he listens to movies and series about life at the White House

Warming up at Biden's hearing, he listens to movies and series about life at the White House

Take a look at the list of products of former US presidents and address everyday life at the White House

This Wednesday (20), Joe Biden will take office as the new President of the United States. Ready, see below for a list of movies and series that show the tendencies of former presidents and address everyday life at the White House.


“Port: Next Cinema Tape”
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Trump should not be personal on this “battle” line – unlike his personal lawyer, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani makes an extraordinary appearance – but it also inspires his full description. In it, the president of Kazakhstan wants to gain the support of Republicans because he befriends hardline leaders such as “Putin, Kim Jong-un, Bolsanaro and Kenneth (Kanye) West.” He then sends a tense journalist portrait of Sacha Baron Cohen to present his daughter as a gift to Vice President Mike Pence.

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Before Barack Obama, the first black American president was simply Barry, a young man confused about his own identity. When she is transferred to Columbia University in New York, the 2016 feature will find her, Anya Taylor-Joy, star of “The Queen’s Compete” – and struggles to move into a violent and racist environment. .

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No one less than Steven Spielberg directs the 2013 epic about one of the most important presidents in American history. In it, Lincoln, who won the re-election, has before him a country devastated by the Civil War and is deeply divided over the maintenance or end of slavery. It is up to him to sink into the background of politics to get out of the crisis. As critique Ricardo Galilei wrote at the premiere, “Spielberg’s cinema has never been talked about, not mentioned; it’s classic and sometimes very sacred.” Lincoln, played by Daniel Day-Lewis, is “sometimes human and sometimes monumental” – the actor won an Oscar for this role.

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“Frost / Nixon”
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In 1974, Richard Nixon resigned his second term as President of the United States, under the pressure of the Watergate scandal – in relation to corruption, “all men of the presidency”. Three years later, in 1977, in an interview with television presenter David Frost, he made his first public appearance in the United States. Ron Howard’s film “A Brilliant Mind” reveals behind the scenes of this historic conflict in which the former president confirmed with illegal awareness that he was spying on a Democratic group. “If the president does that, it’s not illegal,” he said at the time.

“JFK – The Untold Story”
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This does not exactly refer to President Kennedy’s order, but to the mobilization surrounding his assassination in November 1963. This product shows the impact of the episode on those who witnessed his death live, and the tension of doctors and nurses as he visits Parkland Hospital in Dallas to see.

“John Adams”
Na HBO Co.

John Adams, the successor to George Washington, was the second president of the United States. Although he has not received the same accolades from history, the Massachusetts lawyer and diplomat can be understood as the first politician of the modern era. His trajectory from “The King’s Speech” is told in seven episodes of this HBO series directed by Tom Hopper starring Paul Giamati. Instead of heroes, Americans want to be much sweeter, in which we see men reluctant to make mistakes – their historical luxury justified, instead, by always maintaining democracy in the main north.

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“Corruption – Behind the Scenes of Power”
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After leaving the White House, the former president’s communications adviser to the U.S. president has dedicated his life to protecting the image of the people from the American elite and ensuring that his secrets are kept safe. But even with her own company, she has not been able to completely sever the relationship with her past.

“House of Cards”
Available on Netflix

Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, is a dishonest politician who works tirelessly to capture Washington and avenge the people who betrayed him. In his advances, he will always take on the role of his wife, Claire Underwood, Robin Wright.

HBO Temple is available

In the series, former senator Selena Meyer starred actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who discovered that being vice president of the United States was not what she expected. Instead of dedicating himself to top politics, the mayor devoted most of his time to various events and promised his image in the media.

“Designated Survivor”
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A lower-ranking member of government becomes president of the United States after a devastating attack kills everyone in a row. As a result, the fate of the country depends entirely on him.

“Madame Secretary”
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In this series, actress Dia Leoni is the Secretary of State who has to be smart and firm when dealing with foreign affairs in the United States, while at the same time reconciling these political plays with family management and personal life.

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