Washington Family Lost Their Homes in Wildfires — All 7 Are Contaminated with COVID-19

Washington Family Lost Their Homes in Wildfires — All 7 Are Contaminated with COVID-19

A family of seven from Malden, Washington, has suffered tremendously over the past few weeks as their first home was destroyed by wildfire. And they all got infected with the coronavirus.

First, wildfire

Matthew and Jessica Graham lost their home and everything with their five children when a forest fire swept through their small town on Labor Day weekend. KREM-TV report.

The Graham family was in Idaho, who visited Jessica’s parents when they heard that their home was on fire. They had a fire in the village library and post office, and their friends informed me that their home was directly on the wildfire route.

Soon after, they received terrible news that their home was exhausted and thankfully there was nothing left but dogs and chickens.

“[The friend] “At first, it felt like a bad dream,” Matthew added.

Eventually the fire 80% of houses In Malden.

A family of 7 lost everything in the Malden fire. Then they got infected with COVID-19


Then coronavirus

But when the family started getting sick with flu-like symptoms, they knew the nightmare wasn’t over yet. All seven later tested positive for COVID-19.

The Graham family believes that they initially contracted the virus from Jessica’s parents and then gave the virus to Matthew’s mother, who came in the afternoon to see the family’s five children.

They told KREM-TV that they believed they unconsciously infected the family of nine people who greeted them for dinner one night.

Jessica said, “It’s terrible for them to come to us and realize that they welcomed us so much and we spread it to them.”

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The family is currently quarantined at a hotel in Spokane Valley, Washington.

Anything else?

Everyone in the family appears to be healthy and recovering from the virus after experiencing symptoms such as fatigue and loss of taste. However, they say finding a new home has been significantly hindered by the infection.

“At this point we really don’t have any plans. Everything we have is a question that leads to more questions, and I can’t find an answer anywhere,” said Matthew.

However, the family is still hopeful. support GoFundMe campaign The family was definitely helpful. More than $20,000 has been raised so far.

“It’s amazing that the community has poured out like people we barely know or have offered to help us out, so it’s amazing just realizing how much support we get.” Jessica said.

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