Washington Governor Jay Inslee Gives Wildfire Victims Maggot-filled Apology, Regrets’Miss’

Washington Governor Jay Inslee Gives Wildfire Victims Maggot-filled Apology, Regrets'Miss'

Washington The state is known as it Apple -But Gov. Jay Insley Last week, it didn’t produce any favorable popular fruit in public relations.

Democrats are trying to bring comfort to the recently devastated eastern Washington community. forest fires, A basket of apples unknowingly received as an illegal gift from an orchard in Olympia, later found to be infected Apple maggot caterpillar, according to the report.

The Thurston County, where Inslee lives, is an apple maggot quarantine area. That said, it was illegal for Inslee to bring locally grown apples to non-quarantine areas like Douglas County, according to Seattle’s Q13 FOX.

The governor expressed regret in a statement.

“Last week Trudi [Inslee’s wife] Inslee wanted to express comfort to the community suffering from the devastating fire. “When I visited some of these areas, I brought some apples from Olympia trees. I regret this mistake. This reminds me of the importance of awareness of apple quarantine. We are in Washington State to recover these apples. We appreciate the efforts of the Department of Agriculture and are helping to make this possible.”

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The basket of apples that the governor gave to the retiree’s home in Washington State Hill later tested positive for apple maggot larva, so officials desperately tried to find the basket he left for a church in Washington State Hill, but no one knows where it is. Went according to the station.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee addresses the state wildfires at a press conference in Malden, Washington on September 10, 2020. (Associated Press)

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Douglas County, west of Spokane, is currently pest free and can be infected with bad apples.

Douglas County officials wrote on Facebook that “Apple maggots are an incredibly serious pest, and if you can’t find an infected apple and alleviate its effects right away, it could have dire consequences for the orchards in Douglas County.” “Douglas County orchards, regulators, and processors have made tireless efforts to keep our area free of apple maggots and to ensure that this event has a serious impact on the area. It is of utmost importance to dispose of these apples immediately and safely. .”

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Officials said they had reason to believe that apples could be mixed with other uncontaminated apples. Q13.

According to Seattle reports, some areas of Bridgeport, with apple orchards all over town, called the Governor’s gift “slap the face,” whether polluted or not. KUOW-TV.

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“Some people live in tents. Some have relatives,” said a 45-year-old resident of a devastated village. “The hardest thing is to rebuild. There are people who ask for money, but many do not have it.”

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