Watch a fireball in the sky this week thanks to the Darit meteor shower

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Between one “Ring of fire” solar eclipse, A Surprise comet, And a Rare blue moon, This year is full of incredible celestial events. This week, you will have another reason to look at the sky because the Tarot meteor shower might bring fireballs, which is the astronomical term for very bright meteorites.

What is Tarits?

Divided into northern darits and southern darits, the darits are formed by debris left as the comet enters the Earth’s atmosphere. Tarot debris streams have larger meteorites than others, and they have more energy. So although they do not have a large number of meteorites (sister shooting stars), the northern and southern meteor showers have a large number of fireballs.

When is the Tarits peak?

The Tarits began to appear in the night sky in late October, and will continue to illuminate the sky until November 27, according to Generally, they peak from November 5th to November 12th.

What is the best way to see Tarot?

According to, you can see the Darits from midnight to early morning Earthsky. In particular, the main time to see them is after midnight. As with most astronomical events, the best way to catch Tarot is by clearing a place far away from clear sky and light pollution. Fireballs are so bright that you can see them even if you can’t get away from the city light.

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