Watchdogs Legion will receive the co-op online mode on March 9th

Watchdogs Legion will receive the co-op online mode on March 9th

After the postponement, the free update finally has a date to arrive on PC and consoles

A Ubisoftin Announced that Online way of Watch Docs Legion Will be published in March, 9. The free update was supposed to come after the release of the game, but it was postponed and now finally has a date available on PC and consoles.

The update allows players to explore London in groups Up to four users. It is possible not only to simply put the madman in the future version of the UK metropolis, but also to carry out team tasks and challenges.

Ubisoft has released a preview of some media companies and online mode of influence, which has already received group game videos. In addition, the company has released a video explaining some features of the online version of the Watchdog Legion, which can be found above.


Available as a free update, the online mode works separately, but with stories similar to those already in a single player. According to Ubisoft, the player launches a new division of Tedsek, and the recruitment process will be faster than the campaign mode.

Points are improved by influence points, which can be earned by completing season pass travelers and doing tasks in online mode. Coin can be used to upgrade weapons and equipment and to assign characters immediately.

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(Image: Ubisoft / Revelation)

As for the game, the big news is co-op missions. Special missions require teams of hackers consisting of two to four players to synchronize their movements and plan actions to achieve the goals.

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As Ubisoft describes it, some tasks require a high level of communication between team members and any slip is dangerous to the task. Convenient for communication, Watchdogs Legion will feature its own voice chat within the game in online mode.

Watch Docs Legion is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S. The game is also sold on streaming services such as Google Stadia and Amazon Luna, in addition to being part of the Ubisoft + subscription table

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