Week 3 NFL overreaction determination

Week 3 NFL overreaction determination

Bears manager Matt Nagi seemed to overreact on Sunday as he pulled the starting quarterback. Mitchell Trubysky Put in the game Nick Falls. Of course, Trubisky wasn’t great against the Falcons. And he threw a drive killing interception. But we certainly saw him look worse, and besides, the Bears started with Trubisky 2-0 down the middle.

When Foles got into the game, I started thinking about the weekly overreact column, and I could think Nagy was trying to attack me. Here he overreacted before opening my Word document!

But I again realized who the bear was playing and decided that this had a chance to look really good for Nagy. Eventually it did.

Foles’ first drive didn’t start off great because it ended up with his own interception. However, the receptive Falcons quickly returned the ball to him, and Foles took advantage. He led the Bears in a 26-10 loss 4 quarter deficit with 3 touchdown passes against Atlanta, which gave the Cowboys a 15 point 4 quarter lead a week ago. Trubisky watched on the sideline, and was probably delighted that the Bears won the game.

The Bears should be the weirdest team in the league right now. They are 3-0 and don’t know who their quarterback is. They returned 23-6 in their fourth quarter deficit with Lions in Week 1. They gave an almost 17-0 lead to the terrible Giants team in Week 2.

So where it’s better to start this week’s overreaction than in Chicago, Nagy seemed to be trying to leap to us, but in reality he was making the right gut call at the right time.

Mitchell Trubysky Started the last match of the Bears.

If Trubisky’s performance was the reason for the Sunday benchmark, it’s hard to know how to change Nagy’s mind after that. After blocking, Foles looked like his old Eagles Super Bowl MVP ego. He finished 29 at-bats and 16 at-bats for 188 yards and three touchdowns. He figured out how to find Alan Robinson, His best receiver, almost whenever he needs it. He did everything the Bears wanted for a quarter and needed a quarterback to compete for an NFC playoff spot. If Trubisky was sick in the third quarter, he went all-in to Foles in the fourth quarter.

Verdict: overreact. Definitely, Foles will start playing against Colts next week. However, he hasn’t always been a picture of health and is a career backup of losing in starting quarterback competitions on four other teams, including the current team, which is less than a month old. The Bears’ coaching staff gave him work on behalf of Foles, taking full account of Trubisky’s progress by the end of August.

And here’s what’s important. Foles didn’t do what Trubisky didn’t do against the Lions in Week 1 on Sunday! Full Game Foles Who Can Say 4th Quarter Foles Will Look Like Sunday? Yes, Bears try. However, his history shows that at some point you will have to consider going back to the No. 2 pick in the 2017 draft at least.

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I support my preseason predictions that these players will start at least six games for the Bears this season. Trubisky is in the middle. How close will Foles get before switching back? And even better question: if they continue to win all the games, will that matter?

NFC East is worse than ever.

When all departments are on the playground, NFC East is where everyone else teases. “Your department is so bad, the team that had the best day on Sunday tied Bengal!” Sore burns, other divisions, but the truth hurts.

The Eagles called and executed play at the end of the overtime against Bengal. Without trying to win -Content that ties one of the worst teams in the league even after a last minute return from the quarterback in which one of the league’s bottom-line teams fought-still scored a half win over all other teams in the division. Washington and Dallas were tied for first place with 1-2. The only two wins NFC East won in three weeks are (1) against another NFC East team (2) against the Falcons, who are basically only defending 9 players in the fourth quarter.

NFC East combines from 2-9-1 to 3 weeks. This is the second worst win rate in all divisions in three weeks since the league reached eight divisions in 2002 with a win rate of .208. In 2002, AFC North scored 2-8 in three weeks.

Verdict: Not overreacting. I’m not ready to say that the NFC East champions won’t get the winning record. In 2002, AFC North ended up with two teams over .500, one of which was the Browns, but that’s not impossible.

The Cowboys have allowed 78 points over the past two weeks, and their only victory was a historic miracle. The Washington Fumble Team returned to beat the Eagles in Week 1, but since then they have run the ball seven or more times in both matches. Eagles Quarterback Carson Wentz It has 3 touchdown passes, 6 interceptions and has not reached 50.0 inches. Total QBR In one of his three games. And the Giants lost 36-9 to a team that consisted almost entirely of 49ers backups. I’m not sure if the math works this way, but possible If you can’t beat your team’s backup, you can’t be considered one of the top 32 teams in the league.

These NFC East streets are ugly and there are no teams that don’t yet need to play Raven. (And they will all do it.)

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Adam Gase is fired if the Jets lose to Denver on Thursday night.

Again, the Giants have lost four touchdowns to a team that missed at least nine starting pitchers, and there is a legitimate debate in New York about which team is worse. Gase made it to the playoffs in 2016, his first year as a Dolphins coach, but after that he is 20-31 years old and can say that his reputation as an aggressive mastermind has been slightly hit.

No team scored fewer yards than the Jets last season, and only Washington scored fewer points. The Jets made it last by yards in the league last Sunday and added 2.6 million to Colts in burst losses. Having scored 37 points in 3 matches so far, it is the lowest score in the league, 1 point behind the aforementioned Giants. And maybe the most terrible thing about Gase is that people Ryan Tannehill, Kenya Drake, DeVante Parker and Robbie Anderson They have been playing with him since they broke up.

Verdict: Not overreacting. The Broncos team, where the Jets play on Thursday, also scored 40 points 0-3. But Denver had to play Sunday without an injured starting quarterback and the best wide receiver. Yes, the Jets hit the receiver extremely, but still in the third year Sam Da Nord He had to be someone who made real progress. On Sunday, he hit 168 yards in 29 at-bats, 17 at-bats, one touchdown and three interceptions, two of which returned to the Colts touchdown.

The Jets topped Darnold 3rd in the 2018 draft, and made a 5th year option decision this spring. That need Show growth if you’re dedicated to him after 2021, and if you end up with the first pick in the draft, the fans will see Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence Restart from position. Not a good place for coaches to take over.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN Ownership became unstable on Sunday morning, and Gase’s seat got hotter. If the Jets are 0-4 after Thursday night, 10 days before the next match, we have time to change if we wish. Jets’ defensive coordinator Gregg Williams went 5-3 as Browns’ interim coach after firing Hue Jackson two years ago. Just say it.

Deshaun WatsonThe team’s crew played Sunday, but couldn’t survive against Pittsburgh, and Texas scored 0-3 for the second time in three years. Tennessee led the AFC south 3-0, followed by 2-1 Indianapolis. Both seem like legitimate competitors. After the offseason when coach/supervisor Bill O’Brien got a lot of heat to trade top wide receivers DeAndre Hopkins A slow start in contract disputes does not help to give anyone the benefit of doubt.

Verdict: overreact. Remember a few seconds ago when the Texans said they were 0-3 for the second time in 3 years? Yes, they recovered and won the department in 2018. And it has won 4 times in the last 5 years. O’Brien’s GM decision can be made if desired, but as a coach, he has shown his ability to playoffs.

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Texas still has the best quarterback in this category. Ryan TannehillDespite its sizzling start. And it’s entirely possible that the three teams they’ve played so far (Kansas City, Baltimore and Pittsburgh) are the best three teams in the entire league. What did they do to make the schedule maker so angry with them? When I checked their schedule while writing this, I was half expecting their next two games to be against Buffalo and Seattle. It’s not like that.

But the Texans are undoubtedly going through the hardest part of their schedule. They play two one-on-one games against each division opponent. Each conference this season has 7 playoff points. And they’ve been here before. It’s too early to panic in Houston.

Drew brees It’s part of the New Orleans problem.

The Saints fell to 1-2 after being defeated by Packers on Sunday night, six days after being defeated by the Raiders in Las Vegas. The 41-year-old quarterback looked sharper than week two, but still reluctant to shoot downfield and jump back Alvin Camara After the catch, most of his garden worked for him. Kamara hit 57 yards in a 52-yard touchdown catch. Think about it. Brees averaged 4.81 air yards per province and 4.61 on Sunday nights. They are really low numbers and are moving in the wrong direction.

Verdict: overreact. This was close, but it will benefit the future Hall of Fame with doubts. At this point, Brees will not be able to win the game with arm strength. I am not ashamed. But if he’s accurate, smart and able to perform attacks according to the rhythm, he has enough great players around to get it working. Michael ThomasHaving set the NFL record a year ago with 149 catches in a season, he missed the last two matches due to injuries and will be back soon. Hard end Jared cook I left the game on Sunday in the first half due to an injury.

The Saints’ 25 penalty kicks for 336 yards this season. It feels like a bigger reason for their current plight. Once the attack of the rest of the Saints is completely over, we will see better and more consistently sharp Brees and the New Orleans team recovering from 1-2 starts and competing for the NFC South title as we all expected. I may be wrong, but given the circumstances, I think it’s too early to give up Brees in 2020.

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