West Bank: UN and EU strike Israel after demolishing 73 homeless people in Palestine

West Bank: UN and EU strike Israel after demolishing 73 homeless people in Palestine

The UN has described the demolition of the Khirbet Humsa community as “the biggest forced displacement event in four years”.

Israel’s Territorial Government Activities Coordinator (COGAT), who manages the occupied West Bank, said seven tents and eight cages were destroyed because they were illegally built in the shooting area of ​​the Jordan Valley.

COGAT stated in its statement that “it will be noted that it was implemented in accordance with the authorities and procedures and in accordance with operational considerations.”

Harbi Abu Al-Kabsh, a 47-year-old Palestinian, said the villagers had not been warned of an impending demolition. “They never told CNN that they would come to demolish until they saw us bring the bulldozers.” “They didn’t even give us a chance to take our property.”

Al-Kabsh promised to rebuild his home in the same place, despite years of legal battles over the fate of the community and an immediate challenge to the onset of winter rain.

“My cousin’s wife gave birth two days ago, and she is in the rain with her newborn baby outside. Now she is buying a rain cover to protect her children,” he said.

An observer at the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) who spoke with CNN said the Israeli army also destroyed two solar panels and confiscated tractors and private vehicles.

Khirbet Humsa on November 4 in the aftermath of the demolition.

Yvonne Helle, senior official of the UN development program in the Palestinian Territories, criticized the reasons for the COGAT’s demolition, some of which were donated for humanitarian aid. “The shortage of Israeli-issued building permits is generally cited for that reason, although Palestinians rarely get such permits due to a limited and discriminatory planning system. Demolition is a key means of forcing Palestinians to create an environment. Is. Leave home.”

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According to the UN, Israel carried out extensive demolition in the West Bank and East Jerusalem in 2020, killing 869 Palestinians, making it the highest number of demolitions since 2016.

“I remind all parties that the widespread destruction of property and the forced transfer of protected people in occupied territories is a grave violation of the 4th Geneva Convention. The humanitarian community is ready to assist refugees or all other affected people. I am sure there is, I strongly repeat our request to Israel to stop illegal demolition immediately,” said Helle.

The European Union also hit the demolition. A spokesman said, “These advances constitute obstacles to the solutions of both countries.” Said in a statement. “The EU repeats Israel’s request to stop all these demolitions, including EU-funded structures, particularly in light of the humanitarian impact of the current coronavirus pandemic.”

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