West Bengal Completely ready To Market Immunity-Boosting Sandesh Sweets: Official

The sandesh is expected to hit the cabinets in a further two months. (Representational)


Sweet-loving Bengalis have a thing to cheer about in COVID-19 time as the West Bengal federal government resolved to occur out with a “sandesh” which will consist of honey from Sundarbans and raise immunity, an official mentioned on Sunday.

Cotton cheese created from cow milk will be blended with pure honey from the Sunderbans to put together the “Arogya Sandesh” which will also have extracts of tulsi leaves, an formal of the Animal Means Progress Section told PTI.

No artificial flavours would be included to the sweetmeat which will be accessible in the department’s outlets in the metropolis and neighbouring districts, he mentioned.

The sandesh will increase the immune procedure as a whole but it is not a COVID-19 antidote, the formal explained.

Sunderbans Affairs Minister Manturam Pakhira reported the honey for producing Arogya Sandesh will be gathered from beehives in spots such as Pirkhali, Jharkhali and other parts of the Sunderbans and it will be stored in a scientific way.

The sandesh is expected to hit the cabinets in a further two months and the pricing will be in just the reach of the frequent man, the animal methods progress department official claimed.

Earlier this thirty day period, a reputed sweetmeat chain of Kolkata arrived out with an “Immunity Sandesh” professing that it consists of different herbs and spices these kinds of as haldi (turmeric), tulsi, saffron, and cardamom and Himalayan honey, which will raise immunity to fight novel coronavirus.

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