What are the widely Popular Bitcoin Trading Apps and Platforms?

We all know bitcoin is a beneficial source of income. With the help of the smartphone, we can connect globally for digital exchanges. There are so many trading apps available in it, which describes to you how to choose your wallets.

A smartphone is a device that keeps updated related to bitcoin. Whenever you want, you may open android apps and start using your virtual wallets. Infect, you can keep an eye on your investment always.

No doubt that you can get all these smartphone apps on your computer and use the web version of each one to get started. Keep it in mind that all the platforms are not the same as they have a different interest rate, foreign policies, and more.

Due to this reason, finding the safest and reliable platform is all about looking at the features, credibility of the portal, user-friendly interface, and lower interest rate. So here, we are discussing the top Smartphone apps for bitcoin trading. Have a look –


Blockchain is a convenient and free of cost app. It is the most recommended digital wallet app like bitcoin code for android. Lots of features are included in it. Quick payments of bitcoin, 20 currency convertible options are one of them. Another quality of this app is, it provides 2FA (two-factor authentication), protection of pin also. It also supports different languages. It includes TOR blocking and supporting QR codes. This app is the right guidance for beginners.


Cobo is an advanced wallet app. It supports more than one currencies. That’s why many users know it as a multi-cryptocurrency wallet app. Here are some cryptocurrencies mentioned- Ripple, Dogecoin, Zcash, Decred, and others. Over 80 countries can use their features. It is also available free of cost. Another advanced feature of this app is its master node pooling. You can choose it for multiple exchanges.

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In this list, the delta is another smart and newer app. It is also known as a tracker app. Portfolio tracking is the prominent quality of this app. For quick syncing, you can choose this app. Delta provides other wallet apps like Coinbase, GDAX, KuCoin, and many more. If you find many features in one single app, it is the best option. The cost of this app is $8.49. it is the monthly cost.


Before using this app, you have to pay $5 per month as a premium. Robinhood is the only investment app. If you enter the stock market for the very first time, you can consider it. The best quality of this app is, you can buy and sell stock based on letting. It is counted in most updated apps. You can also choose a tracking option in it. You can choose bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum on the lease. It is the best option for those investors who wants to look forward to investing in the stock market.

Simple bitcoin wallet

This app’s quality is clear by its name. A simple bitcoin wallet app supports bitcoin, bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more. There is no cost to download it. No, another app can beat it. This app clearly shows the exact balance of your trade on your home screen. You can choose this app for periodic updates and transactions. The best feature of this app is the easier UI. Even a small kid can learn the interface and start trading.


The trading apps are the far better option for getting updated. It sounds technical, but these apps will give you the right guidance. It is quite easy to claim that Bitcoin is rising like a rocket and the chances of a crash seem negligible. With that said, this time feels like the best one to invest in. Once you start learning to trade and understanding the graph, it will be easy to make money out of small investments also.

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There are many portals that allow you to start trading in Bitcoin with just $100, and you can go up to any amount. Even buying more than one Bitcoin is also possible. Just find a reliable cryptocurrency exchange portal, and you are good to go. We hope that this guidepost will help you know about popular Android Apps for Bitcoin trading.

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