What Arkansas and Sam Pittman say about Georgia’s 37-10 victory

What Arkansas and Sam Pittman say about Georgia's 37-10 victory

Despite what can be called an inconsistent first half, Georgia won their first match of the 37-10 season in Arkansas. What did Arkansas and coach Sam Pittman say about the competition?

DawgNation brought some of the most interesting home teams said in the aftermath of a 37-10 runaway victory. Razorbacks lead 7-5 in the first half, but Georgia is buried at that point, scoring the last 32 points of the game.

Arkansas Director Sam Pittman

His opening comments on the game: “They are very well coached and a great Georgian soccer team. They exhausted us with the offensive line in the second half. But obviously, we changed the momentum of the game by giving up the ball three times, blocking the punt and blocking the touchdown.”

“Congratulations to Georgia. They have a really good soccer team and a really good defense.”

Above Stetson Bennett IV: “Well, Stetson was there. He was there, left, and returned last year. So Stetson was waiting for his turn. He has always had great success in running a scout team when he is on the scout team. But I guess they’re trying to figure out how you move football. And the first thing they did with him was to get him to use his feet.”

“He was very accurate. As you know, he was 29 years old and 20 years old. He was very accurate today. We could only fire him once, so we wanted to put more pressure on him.”

In the second half of the bulldog:“We were on defense. We played hard and we ran fast. I’m not sure if we didn’t wear out a bit in the second half. The play we made in the first half seemed to be behind the backlash in the second half. I think they are getting a little stronger and breaking a little tackle.

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I think what happened is that Georgia has solved the game plan. They started throwing the ball out and they started throwing the ball in the middle and they were well protected.”

On a bulldog breaking down his team: “I just thought our defense was hard and it seemed that we should serve a little more. We didn’t have enough juice to finish the game.”

Play both teams on a special team: “We didn’t do well. As we entered the game, I felt that we could grab ourselves and win that battle. They had too many YAC (yards after catch) yards in kickoffs and punts. They blocked the punt. So many big plays. You think we’ll turn the field over and they’ll give us 45 or 50 back. Again, we played in the hall throughout the first half. So I decided to get some air in the third quarter, and it seemed to go well early.”

“Because we had a good drive down there early. Because I was worried about not getting the ball in the kickoff and end zone. We kicked off and the ball was 3 feet in the air and the man returned it for 45-50 yards. We have to do better. Coach it, including all of us, and we need to do a better job.”

Battle in trenches: “In the first half, I thought our defensive line worked really well. I have to watch the tape. It might have been the whole game I don’t know. We have about 7 guys there who think we can play. Obviously 1 is 1. I think I am tired. We need to be able to rotate more often so we can keep fresh players on the field. Georgia’s offensive line averaged around 325-330, and it seems they put us down and made us a bit tired.”

On how his offensive line faced Georgia’s front: I don’t think we did very well. I didn’t think so either to get into the game, thinking we’d drive Georgia’s defensive line. But it’s a tough sled, especially inside. We knew it was coming into the game. But we also felt like we could do it instead of getting 0 yards and 1 yards. It felt like we could get 2 or 3 yards. This will open the edges a little. A little bit about the naked pass game and the pirated pass game, but we didn’t stick them in the middle.”

“We didn’t expect it as I said, but we expected 2-3 to 4 yards there. We did Rakim [Boyd] At some point, it jumped 4 yards. I had to be more consistent. I am definitely a coach [offensive line coach Brad] Davis was also disappointed in the O-line, but he should give Georgia a score. They have a very good defensive line.”

About the opportunity to face his old team in Georgia: “It was great. A lot of kids came and talked to me and the coaching staff. It was a big part of Jamie and my life since I’ve been there for four years. We knew they had a really good soccer team.”

“We knew they had a big physical soccer team, but it was a really special moment to see everyone and players and players I’ve worked with and they visit me after the match.”

About how hard it is to throw the ball against Georgia: “Today most of us couldn’t move those people. They’re not doing any special kind of defense. They were just opening a gap and it was difficult to move.”

Arkansas QB Felipe Franks

“They are very well coached. They are a good soccer team. That’s what you get when you play SEC football. There are things you can do to improve, what you did well in the movie, and what needs to be improved. ”

“I think it’s all about getting better now. Keep moving forward and move in the right direction. I think this is the part we are focusing on. Georgia has a really good defense. I coached really well.”

In Georgia, wearing Arkansas in the second half:As I said, Georgia is a great team. They are very well guided. There are many things we can improve. We need to keep that momentum in the second half. Keep that energy like the whole. Like I said, I don’t think I will necessarily frown on those things. There is something you can fix. There are things we can coach and will be revised this time. We will do that.”

About the Bulldogs showing that he didn’t expect to come:“There was nothing I thought you wouldn’t know when I got there. I don’t think it’s a deal. But at the same time, as I said, they think there are really good players. They are SEC schools. We are playing SEC football. They will have good players. I think it’s all about playing good football. Who wants it the other way around? Come here and fight the best of the best.”

That’s what we got today. We played Georgia. It’s a really good team. Once again they did a good job. They came out of here and were executed. Have a really good game. But at the same time, I thought there were some positive things about offense and defense. They did a really good job keeping us in the game. We will continue to improve on all three stages of the game. That’s it. You can keep getting better and win several victories. ”

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