What Biden means for Russia

What Biden means for Russia

Former U.S. Vice President and current Democratic candidate Joe Biden beckons as he makes a statement about the outcome of his meeting with the Ukrainian President on December 7, 2015 in Kiev.

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Despite some strong sanctions and stronger criticism, Russia has failed to outperform U.S. foreign policy priorities under President Donald Trump, who appears to have a close relationship with President Vladimir Putin.

But experts say that if Democratic candidate Joe Biden wins the November 3rd election, President Biden is evaluating the impact on US-Russia relations.

Analysts, at least, expect Biden’s victory to heighten tensions between Washington and Moscow and increase the likelihood of new sanctions against Russia.

The country is already facing international sanctions against some key sectors close to Putin and Russian officials due to Ukraine’s annexation of the Crimean Peninsula in 2014, interference in the U.S. elections in 2016, and actions reported to be involved in a nerve agent attack in the UK. 2018.

Mutual distrust

Mutual interest

New beginning

Arm control However, it is an area where two Russian observers believe that it can be a point of mutual interest and harmony. Biden said he wants an extension or similar implementation of a major US-Russia nuclear weapons reduction treaty known as the new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty in 2019.

Teneo’s Tour said, “According to a recent statement from both sides, negotiations on a new strategic arms reduction treaty (START) are one of the areas where progress is expected if Biden is elected.” “But the schedule will be very difficult as the current treaty expires on February 5, 2021.”

Russia has recognized that arms control can be a positive dynamic under President Biden. In early October, Putin criticized Biden’s “sharp anti-Russian investigation,” but said he was encouraged by Biden’s comments about a new arms treaty or expansion of a new START.

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