What comes next. The television we will see in 2021

What comes next.  The television we will see in 2021

It was born to surprise and assure the world that every project can be done differently. Barry Jenkins, who was nominated for an Oscar for Best Director for “Moonlight”, won the Best Adapted Screenplay category – he will again be nominated for this film “If This Street Can Speak” – and now presents himself on that big screen. He only starred in the episode “White People” and co-wrote the screenplay for HBO Max’s “Charm City Kings”). Jenkins thus proves that it is not his preferred way, but uses every opportunity to tell the story of blacks in the United States, from the perspective of members of the African American community.

It is one of the best black voices in today’s audiovisual, “A Estrada subterranean”, Coulson Whitehead’s original, Albuquerque, published in Portugal, Pulitzer Prize winning book in 2016, and National Award for Best Fiction Book in the United States. . The pressure is on, whether former President Obama sees this as an “incredible, powerful” story or not.

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