What distinguishes star defender Rams’ Aaron Donald and Bears’ Khalil Mack? production

What distinguishes star defender Rams' Aaron Donald and Bears' Khalil Mack?  production

Aaron Donald and Kalil mac In 2018, he reached the top of the NFL defensive world at 27.

Los Angeles Rams’ star defensive tackle Donald set an NFL record in defensive tackle by winning the NFL Defender of the Year trophy twice in a row with a whopping 20.5 sacks. His efforts led Rams to Super Bowl LIII and lost to New England Patriot.

But as much as Donald, Mack was with him in the defensive tier. Traded from the Oakland Raiders to the Chicago Bears just before that season, Edge Rusher was a first-team All-Pro pick that helped build 12.5 sacks and lead the Bears to their first playoff marina for eight seasons.

However, the two didn’t take first or second place in the NFL defensive tier when they met Monday night at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. Donald has already accumulated 7.5 colors this season, following 12.5 colors last year and his fifth straight All-Pro pick, and seems to be a favorite for his third DPOY (winning 2017) in four seasons. Mack was still a pro bowler, but he wasn’t all-pro last year and Donald’s position as a major DPOY tournament was threatened.

Is it separated by 3 months of age, causing a greater separation in production? Bears reporter Jeff Dickerson and Rams reporter Lindsey Thiry are asked to disassemble the defensive star.

In 2018, both had a monster season. Since then, their path has diverged somewhat. What’s right for Donald and what’s wrong for Mack?

Dickerson: There is nothing “wrong” with Mack. Rather, Mack is a victim of his own success. Most players will be delighted to end the season with 47 tackles, 8.5 sacks, and 5 forced fumbles (Mack’s 2019 record), but Mack raised astronomically high standards the previous year. He didn’t dominate last season like 2018. It was Mack’s first year in Chicago after the Raiders traded him before Week 1. Good news for the Bears and bad news for the rest of the NFL is that Mack is back. He already has 4.5 sacks, one of the league’s best defenses. Mac horror Tom Brady Tampa’s starting right tackle on week 5 also makes a good measure. good luck, Jared Goff.

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Tyri: Ask your teammates, coaches or even your opponents and they will tell you that Donald’s efforts are second to none in every play, whether practice or game. He doesn’t take a break from play and not a day off (even after appearing in the Super Bowl, Donald took a break a few days before returning to a tough workout). “He never setstles,” says Rams manager Sean McVay. “It’s nice to be around if you give him the opportunity to improve, because he sees the way he works and he focuses and focuses on consistency and attention to detail and everything he does. Donald continues to find new ways to do his job thanks to his unmatched dedication and hard work.

In what kind of defense plan, does each one thrive the most? Would you like to give an example of the best games since 2018?

Dickerson: Mack is a pure 3-4 outer linebacker. He’s so talented that he sometimes line up with his hands on the ground, but he’s the most dangerous in a two-point position. When Mack made his Bears debut in Week 1 of the 2018 season, he showed how multidimensional he is (in case you don’t know yet) compared to Packers in the entire NFL. Mack became the first player since 1982 to halve the sack, forced stutter, stutter recovery, interception, and touchdown.

Tyri: Donald spent three seasons in 4-3 defense, and switched to 3-4 when the arrival of Rams defensive coordinator Wade Phillips in 2017. New defensive coordinator Brandon Staley kept the base at 3-4 even after being hired this season. Donald has flourished regardless of plan, but this season there is an increase in how often Donald lined up at different points along the line. “In certain situations, we want to make sure he’s in the same spot, not a static target,” McVay says. “Knowing his location makes it much easier for a player of that size to plan a game.” So Rams and Donald tried to keep their opponents guessing. With a week 5 victory over the Washington football team, Donald took the top four of the season. Donald said, “I am single blocked.”

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What is Donald’s team game plan? Mack?

Dickerson: carefully. Block one person and Mack at your own risk. Organizing Mack into two teams frees up space for defensive tackle. Archie M. Hicks Pass rusher Robert Quinn, Took roughly 30-35 snaps per game. Basically, the Bears are really, really tough in defense when Mack does his best. It’s a good idea to get the chips out of the Mack and get rid of the ball quickly. Otherwise, it can be ugly for the opposing quarterback.

Tyri: The 49ers provided blueprints when they defeated Rams 24-16 last Sunday. Donald didn’t have a sack and hits the quarterback only once Jimmy Horizontal Polo. McVay said, “There were a lot of peripheral types of items where you could see a lot of that kind of flip play… lots of toss action,” McVay said. “Many concepts and other things they have activated to minimize the impact you may have as an indoor player, they actually broaden your edge on your second and third levels.” Watch other teams try to imitate what the Niners have accomplished. However, Donald would have spent a week figuring out how to beat that plan.

What was the Achilles tendon in each game?

Dickerson: Supporting role. The Bears suffered massive injuries last year and contributed to Mack’s decline. Hicks (most elbow injuries in 2019) or consistent pass rushers on the opposite side (previous one-round pick Leonard floyd) The team focused almost all their attention on the Mack jersey. The only serious loss the Bears suffered in defense for six weeks was Eddie Goldman, who opted out in the summer due to COVID-19-related concerns. Mack is especially dangerous when the rest of the defense is healthy.

Tyri: As an individual, Donald does not have an Achilles tendon. He is dominant in all fashion. The only problem with Mack is the lack of a dominant pass rusher at the edge this season, so opponents can key in Donald. Floyd, unveiled by the Bears during the offseason, has a persistent presence and has two. However, Floyd’s opposition remains fluid as Rams shuffles multiple players to set up a more consistent pass rush.

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How will each of them affect the Monday night game?

Dickerson: Mack is the power Los Angeles needs to grow him. Unfortunately for Rams, Hicks is having a monstrous year and can’t block the borders at times. safety Eddie Jackson It is an opportunistic playmaker. Corner bag Kyle Fuller I am a professional bowler. Veteran safety Tasha Ungibson There are already two blocks. By Quan Smith This is the best tackler in Chicago. Defense stimulates interest in Mack, who influences the game not only by his play, but also by his presence.

Tyri: Bears have to explain Donald for every snap. Despite having a double team at 70.1% of the pass rush this season, Donald has the best 7.5 colors in the league. And the worst news about the Bears is that Donald is making down performances that can inspire him to hit the quarterback against the 49ers. Nick Falls. Donald hasn’t played two games in a row since Weeks 5 and 6 in 2019. Watch Foles pressurize the wrong throw for Rams’ second round led by Cornerback. Jalen RamseyYou are ready to take advantage of.

If it’s a Mack, the Bears will win. / If Donald, Rams will win.

Dickerson: … play the way he can. The Bears fire about 1 or 2 Gofs and need a Mac to hit them 5 or 6 times. Bears must rely on defense to win. Maybe Mack can attack too. That will help too.

Tyri: … makes Foles uncomfortable. Rams’ defensive team got a sack as a bunch. So if Donald can lead against the offensive line with a pass block win rate of 57.3% (NFL 16th), it could be a long night for Foles and other playmakers, at least statistically speaking. Ranked the least productive in the league.

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