What if Brazilian myths are real? Check out the Invisible City trailer, which is set to release on February 5 on Netflix

What if Brazilian myths are real?  Check out the Invisible City trailer, which is set to release on February 5 on Netflix

An environmental policeman was stunned by the mysterious death of his wife, a fire and a pink dolphin on a beach in Rio de Janeiro. At first it doesn’t make sense, but everything is integrated into the new Brazilian original series provided by Netflix, Invisible city. What if the myths you have always heard are true and hidden among us? Invisible city Introducing its official trailer and key artwork. Launched on February 5, it is Carlos Saltanha’s first live action project, and the Brazilian director has been nominated for an Oscar and is nominated for animation ownership. Ice age e Rio, Except animation Fernando.

With seven chapters, Invisible city It brings up relevant and current themes such as environmental protection, the recovery of Brazilian popular culture, and additionally explores human relationships through mystery and suspense. Starring Marco Picosi and Alessandra Negrini, the cast includes Jessica Chorus, Fabio Lago, Wesley Guimarீஸ்es, Manu DiCues, Julia Conrad, Jose Dumont, Victor Sparbon and Urea Maranho.

Invisible city The production was co-signed by Betto Gas and Francesco Civita (Protico Films), Kyto Artis (Protico Films), Marேசa Pullman (Bottle Cape Productions) and Marco Anton (Boeba Films). Directed by Louis Carrone and Julia Gordio with Director General Louis Carrone, the show’s lead screenwriter is Mirna Noguevara.

About Netflix

Netflix is ​​the world’s leading entertainment streaming service with over 195 million paid subscriptions in over 190 countries, enjoying TV series, documentaries and movies in a variety of genres and languages. Members can view anything, anytime, anywhere, on any screen connected to the Internet. Members can play, pause and watch again without ads or appointments.

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About Prodigo Films

Protico Films is a well-known Brazilian production company called Koiza Mice Linda, a fiction series created for Netflix (which makes its second season); (FDP) is an award-winning fiction series for HBO, and is currently producing a fantastic series Realistic Invisible City for Brazilian director Carlos Saltonha’s Netflix. Prodigo produced films File theft, Winner of the Audience Award at SXSW 2016, and Matraca, Which won 5 awards at the International Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro. In 2018, Protico was produced and launched Florianopolis dream, Winner of 4 awards at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. In the United States, Protico is represented by the CAA. Other related works include: Aging – HBO (Documentary Series – 2 Seasons); M .snapping – HBO (Documentary Series); S / A Mundial – Globo News (Press Program – 7 Seasons); Motoboys_Vita Loca – Director Kyto Artis (Documentary).

About Carlos Saltonha

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Carlos Chaldenha is a two-time Oscar-nominated director / producer and producer of the foundations of Bottle Cape Productions (United States) and Popeba Films (Brazil). He has co-directed Ice age (2002) e Robots (2005), in addition to directing the Oscar-nominated animated short film Scrat’s Lost Adventure (2004). He also signed the address Snow Age 2 (2006) e Snow Age 3 (2009). In 2011, he created and directed Rio, A love letter to his homeland, which became a global success and won its sequel River 2. Most recently, the director was in charge of animation. Fernando (2017), nominated for two Oscars.

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