What it means for the Big 12 to go bankrupt and the rest of college football playoff

What it means for the Big 12 to go bankrupt and the rest of college football playoff

The Pac-12 hasn’t started playing yet, but may be one of the biggest winners of the weekend.

With no undefeated teams left in the Big Twelve due to Oklahoma State’s overtime defeat to Texas, the league is among the worst forms of the Power 5 conference in a college football playoff race. The Big 12 officially jumped into CFP apathy as Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, and Notre Dame (in whatever order you would like to argue) all win on Saturday and bout Georgia still hangs in the bubble.

Meanwhile, the Pac-12 is set to launch a 7-match, conference-only schedule this week, and if they can produce an undefeated conference champion, they will almost overwhelm the Big 12 winner in the semi-finals. Now, considering the likelihood that the Big 12 champion will lose multiple times (ESPN’s Football Power Index likely hovered around 96% after the match), the odds of a 1-lose Pac-12 champion taking the lead after the close are also high. debate.

But it can look too much ahead.

It’s still too early to completely eliminate the Power 5 team that had a chance to win conferences, including Oklahoma State University. The Allstate Playoff Predictor has basically already done this, giving the cowboy a 1.5% chance to reach the CFP after defeat, and although it may be, the number cruncher cannot predict the impact of the plague.

Coronavirus has already ruled out a potential No. 1 draft pick. Trevor Lawrence, Derailed Wisconsin, a leader in Big Ten West, and forced rescheduling across the strong SEC, along with almost every other meeting. There are still nearly two months of games in this unprecedented season, and no one knows how the virus will continue to affect already unpredictable sports or how many games each team will play.

Us Do We know that Oklahoma will have an extremely difficult time winning. Four of the following five matches are in progress, including Kansas State and No. 16, ranked opponents for the next two weeks. Includes 24 consecutive matches against Oklahoma. The Cowboys haven’t beaten Sooners in the Bedlam series since 2014. ESPN’s FPI gives Oklahoma State a 38.1% chance to win that game (so I’m assuming that the Big 12 champions, like all other teams, are more likely to suffer multiple defeats, the league already has 2 or more).

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But the cowboy Do Would you like to win and win the Big 12? Was Notre Dame defeated by Clemson and North Carolina? And did Georgia lose the second game?

Oklahoma State Quarterback Spencer sandersAfter losing to Longhorn, slumped and discouraged with a bag of ice on his shoulders, he was criticized a lot, but said the team could refocus on the goal.

“We have to win. We have to go to practice the next day. This is the mindset of the next day. Keep focused. We can still win. We will do the best we have. It is sad to lose this, but you do. You can’t lower your head. We’re men. We’re going to keep going. We’re really going to define us. That’s how we respond to it.”

If the Big 12 is completely out of the playoffs picture, undefeated No. 7 Cincinnati or undefeated No. 11 You can further legalize the debate over BYU. All teams outside Power 5 typically face a greater burden of proof in the eyes of the committee due to their weak schedule strength. It will remain a major hurdle, but if there was enough chaos in the Power 5 race, it’s not unimaginable. Oklahoma state losses can definitely help reduce this period.

Or you can open both Clemson’s doors. and Our women.

ACC rises without the best players?

After his team won a 34-28 victory over Boston University-the biggest comeback in Death Valley in school history-Clemson’s coach Dabo Swinney praised his team despite being 18 points behind. Without starting quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

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And yes, he said his team could look like a playoff contender without Lawrence in Notre Dame on Saturday.

“Yes, why not?” Said Swinney. “We’re 7-0. Today we won. That’s all you can do. Try to beat day by day. And we’ll go there.”

The 13-member selection committee will take into account knowing that Clemson missed out on Lawrence, which should be the toughest regular-season match for this year’s Tigers. But, win or lose, that subplot may not change the playoff path for either team.

Clemson and Notre Dame face off against each other in South Bend, Indiana on Saturday, one surely guarantees a defeat, but may also meet again at an ACC Championship match. If teams diverge and the only defeat in the season is on each other, the selection committee is likely to bring at least two teams to the semifinals.

“You judge what you see. It’s the same for everyone,” Swinney said. “Everyone is getting the same challenge, but I don’t worry about it. So they have a committee. They can sit down and figure it out. I can’t control that thing. So I don’t. I wasted 2 seconds of my time on it. I did. “

According to the CFP protocol, which hasn’t changed since the start of the playoffs, the committee considers “major injuries that could affect a team’s performance during the season” to differentiate “other comparable teams.” While the phrase is specifically related to injuries, CFP Managing Director Bill Hancock said it was more correct to refer to the player “availability” because members of the committee are also aware of suspensions or disqualifications.

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Hancock told ESPN on Thursday night that “the selection committee will continue to consider the availability of players in deliberations as always.” “There are still a lot of football matches this season, and it’s not appropriate to discuss the hypothetical situation. We want Trevor Lawrence to do its best, like everyone who deals with health situations.”

Alabama and Ohio State University

This week, while Lawrence was very interested in not playing, Alabama quietly disbanded Mississippi State 41-0 a week after losing its best playmaker, Receiver. Jaylen Waddle, Injured at the end of the season. This is what makes Alabama an elite. Crimson Tide didn’t lose anyone, but a player who could change the game with one hand and didn’t miss a step on Saturday.

Instead of the recipient DeVonta Smith Carried in 4 touchdowns. It was an overwhelming match on both sides of the ball, and Tide remains the only undefeated team remaining on the SEC, and is one of America’s best wins on October 17 against Georgia. The SEC’s question is whether Georgia could emerge as a second contender. For that to be a realistic scenario, you have to win in the East and then defeat Alabama in the SEC title game.

After just two matches, the Big Ten looks like Ohio and everyone else. The Nittany Lions left the picture with two losses, Michigan suffered embarrassing losses to Michigan State, and Wisconsin is on a COVID-19 outbreak where Saturday’s match against Purdue is at risk. The odds of the Big Ten getting 2 teams to the top 4 teams have changed drastically in just 2 weeks.

Another result of helping Pac-12.

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