What opens and closes on Labor Day 2020

Beachgoers enjoy a warm sunny day ahead of the Labor Day holiday weekend near the San Clemente pier in California on Wednesday, September 2.
As of July 2020 191 million To celebrate federal holidays in the US civilian workforce, many are closed on Monday, September 7.

To help you navigate through Labor Day, here is a list of businesses that have opened and closed.


  • Target-regular business hours
  • Walmart-regular business hours
  • Kroger– regular business hours
  • Trader Joe’s-regular business hours
  • Movie Theaters-Some movie theaters open due to coronavirus restrictions in the state of residence. Call your local theater to check.
  • Zoo-regular business hours
  • Shopping Malls-Most shopping malls and department stores are open. Call your local store to check.
  • National Parks-Some national parks across the United States are open. Call before visiting the park.


  • Government Buildings-Everything that is government-owned, such as DMVs and public libraries, is likely to be closed.
  • Bank-financial institutions are usually closed, but you can always use an ATM if you need to deposit checks or get cash.
  • The Post Office-U.S. Postal Service does not deliver mail on Mondays, and the U.S. Post Office is closed.
  • FedEx-office is open at a modified time, but not shipped on Labor Day.
  • Museum-If you plan to visit the museum, check by phone to make sure it is not closed. Some museums are open but others are not.

The best way to find out if a business or institution is open is to call ahead.

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