What Pinto da Costa said and the words that summarize the mood of FC Porto

What Pinto da Costa said and the words that summarize the mood of FC Porto



At the press conference after the 2-2 draw with Bovista, FC Porto spoke about the introduction of coach referee and Francisco Concino.

FC Porto’s position on referees: “Our president spoke, it was very clear, we need peace, but we need to be content with everything that has happened recently. There are three words that summarize our mood: Incredible, because I’ve been in football for so many years, I’ve never seen this. The referee in the last matches. The resolutions had such an impact on the results, frustrated, because the quality of our game was not so rich in Bellem, they saw what happened in the games, it was related to the quality of the game, especially in Prague, 11 against 11, very rich, very good; and the tragedy associated with the last two words, We did not get the results we deserved. “

Francisco Consino: “From Francisco, this emotional part is at home, when he’s with me, here he’s a player like the others, I treat him like he does. He takes some things as hard as others, when he takes a compliment, obviously he, an 18-year-old boy, has him. With soul and enthusiasm, a tear fell on him, it was completely normal, we are all human. He fell on me too, if you want to tell him. “

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