What to expect from the beginning of the Biden government – the economy

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Inauguration of the new President To us, Joe Biden, This Wednesday marks the turning point of a turbulent period in the country in domestic politics and relations with other parts of the world.

The last four years have been dominated by polarization. Hostilities increased. Biden’s mission is to revitalize America’s traditional values. Whether he will serve or not remains to be seen as his government comes out. Greater flexibility in immigration policy is also expected during this period Trump, Marked by setting the boundary wall with Mexico.

Last Thursday, Biden was still elected president. Announces a $ 1.9 trillion “basket” of stimulus to revive the economy, Or about 9% of U.S. GDP. It is, in essence, a package of aid, immediate assistance to those most in need, and within an hour of the outbreak of the epidemic, the United States should soon be counting 400 thousand deaths.

As promised during the election campaign, investments have not yet been earmarked to fund infrastructure works. They are important in the context of the conservative culture of the United States, strongly marked by the principle that everyone should take care of himself and provide for himself. For that reason, it is used to distrust aid policies even in times of crisis and unemployment. Therefore, strong opposition to the plan’s full approval is expected from the most conservative Congressmen, centered on the Republican Party, who, at some point, must decide which side they stand on the President’s indictment plan to leave the White House Oval office. In Washington.

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Trump was doubly defeated: on the ballot box and on the conduct of his government. But even its firm departure from politics, if approved (by accusation), does not guarantee the disarmament of its broader support. Over these four years, less than 74 million Americans voted for him, thus expressing his agreement with the populist, racist, and anti-democratic policies he adopted. As we have seen, almost half of this distressed population of the United States is preceded by groups led by angry extremists, those seen during the January 6 Capitol invasion.

The first moves in Biden’s international politics are often consistent. He has already refused to pursue Trump’s one-sided policy, marked by divisions with such multilateral organizations. World Trade Organization (OMC), a World Health Organization (OMS) ea Organization of the United Nations (UN). It will very carefully confront China’s expansion towards global domination and the enemies of that time Russia of Putin, Oh desire அயதுல்லாக்களின், North Korea of Kim Jong-un That’s it Islamic State.

The Brazilian government is not exactly in the photo. But President Bolsanaro’s unconditional support for President Trump’s policy is not expected to backfire. But the relationship between the two countries should be managed less by personal relations and also by institutional relations from state to state.

But Biden cannot wait for a period of grace, which is usually a hundred days of peace that characterizes the beginnings of government. The new policy has been severely challenged since its inception, both inside and outside the United States. His opponents pretend to know as soon as possible how far political support for the new government will go.

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* Celso Ming is an economic concept

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