Whataburger staff shocks customers by flipping orders, but they make good excuses.

Whataburger staff shocks customers by flipping orders, but they make good excuses.

Old habits die badly.

I’m Dairy queen While an employee was serving a drink to a customer earlier this month, TikTok made a word of mouth for forgetting where she worked.

The dairy queen TIKTOK users sought with TRAVIS SCOTT MUSIC

Women who appear to be working at work WhataburgerJudging by her uniform, she takes a picture of walking towards the car with a large drink. When she approaches the car, she instinctively turns the car upside down.

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“Sorry, I used to work for Dairy Queen,” she says.

“Did you work for Little Queen?” Listen to what your customers say. “Oh yeah.”

The Whataburger staff instinctively flipped the drink because he worked for Dairy Queen.

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Dairy Queen employees are required to offer the brand’s signature ice cream blizzard upside down to guests as part of their fast food chain policy.

The humorous video made a quick buzz on TikTok with over 2.6 million views, and people resonated with women.

“My sister works at DQ, and she said she always turned her liquor upside down.

“This happened at McDonald’s and the girl dropped my ice cream.

However, there were some skeptics.

“Why did he suddenly record?” One asked and echoed many others.

Whether on stage or not, the customer still seemed to have no drink. There are no updates on the condition of the customer’s beverage, but it would be safe to assume that it was kept straight the next time it was delivered.

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