What’s new in iOS 14.3? Home App Updates, Apple Watch Cardio Fitness Announcements and more

What's new in iOS 14.3?  Home App Updates, Apple Watch Cardio Fitness Announcements and more

In addition to adding ProRAW support and recommending new third-party application referral features, iOS 14.3 also includes various changes for iPhone users. There is new evidence for new Home App features, new Apple Watch announcements and more.

Homekit accessory updates

IOS 14.3 suggests that you can install software updates for third-party homekit accessories directly in the Home app. Currently, homekit components must use the manufacturer’s application to install software updates.

In the Home app, you’ll find the latest news when the latest software versions of many home kit products are available, with the convenient “Update All” button. This works similarly to how you currently update homepages with the homepage app.

It is unclear how co-producers will accept this function. Nevertheless, iOS 14.3 lays the groundwork for a solution Very annoying current homekit limitations.

New search engine option

Adds iOS 14.3 setup capability Environment As your default search engine. To find this, open the Settings app, select Safari and select Search Engine. Here, you will find Ecosia as the new default option with current options for Yahoo, Ping, Tuck Tuck Go and Google.

For those unfamiliar, Environment is an eco-friendly search engine:

We use the profits we make from your searches to plant trees where they are most needed. Trees mean happy environment, healthy people and strong economy. We do not sell your data to advertisers, and unlike other search engines there are no third party monitors.

Cardio Fitness Announcements

IOS 14.3 also indicates that with WatchOS 7.2, Apple Watch users will be able to receive new cardio fitness announcements. These will let you know if your cardio exercise level has reached a certain level that will affect your daily activity. Apple explains:

The Apple Watch can notify you if your cardio workout has reached the point where you experience limitations in your daily activity.

This is related to the VO2 Max data, which Apple Watch currently monitors and displays in fitness and health use. In fact, with the launch of the Apple Watch Series 6 in September, it was teased that the Apple Watch would soon be adding low cardio fitness announcements later this year. iOS 14.3 and watchOS 7.2 seem to cover the basics of this functionality.

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